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  • e.kovak e.kovak Jul 26, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Conference call analysis in detail, Znga never states its abandoning or scraping US RMG, OVERSOLD

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    Just read through the cc transcript, NOWHERE does anyone use the words Abandon or Scraping, these are misleading words that the media derived from a (change in strategy), which has only to do with pursuing casino (licensing) in the US. They have not changed their interest in RMG or Partnering with a Licenced vendor in the US. Read Carefully below!!!!

    "Now, I want to spend a minute talking about our approach to the social casino category, and the change in strategy related to real money gaming". David Ko

    (Note: The media used the words Abandon, and Scraping, NOT Zynga)
    (Note: Social, and Social Casino Catagory INCLUDES both Free To Play Casino Gaming and Money Casino Gaming)

    "As we said throughout today's call, Zynga is in a transition and we must stay focused and prioritize against the biggest opportunities that leverage our DNA in social and free-to-play. While we continue to revaluate our RMG products and our UK test, we are making the focussed choice not to pursue a license for real money gaming in the United States. Our commitment to free-to-play social casino is the reason that we acquired Spooky Cool in Q2 our developer of free-to-play social slots games." David Ko

    (Note: SOCIAL Casino Category INCLUDES... both Free-to-Play gaming, and Real Money gaming, he distinquishes the two under one category)
    (Note: not to pursue a LICENSE for real money gaming in the US). They seem to have decided that they would partner with a Licensed vendor or casino as they did with Bwin oversees if and when, but they never were asked nor did they discuss it, which they are leveraging. They mention throughout the cc about partnering in various areas.
    (Note: Spooky Cool is for the Social Free-To-Play gaming worldwide)

    continued on PAGE 2

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    • Worth reading....,good ingo

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      • also, I wrote to Bloomberg, as I can not find anywhere that merits Olivia Burns to headline an article stating, "Zynga Abandons Online Gambling". As well, other headlines using the word "Scraping". Nowhere in the CC were those words mentioned. They simply are changing the strategy in pursuing US Gambling Licensing, which does not mean its not pursuing and leveraging partners. The logical understanding seems to be what they have done with Bwin in the UK.

        Im not saying what their plans are, just saying that the Media headlines paste and copies were grossly incorrect and misleading.

    • Page 2:
      "We like the team, their assets, their capabilities and the synergies we believe they can unlock in a social casino business. We will continue to evaluate all of our priorities against the growing market opportunity in free social gaming, INCLUDING the social casino offerings. David Ko

      (Note: Social Casino Business means both Free and Money casino business)
      (Note: they continue to evaluate their priorities in both Free and Social offerings(social is casino gaming under social Casino Category). Nowhere does it even come close to saying they are abandoning or scraping, in fact they recognize the market opportunity in social casino offerings.

      (Note: Spooky Cool role is for Free-To-Play Social Casino Gaming worldwide).
      (Note: Bwin is partnered with Zynga for oversees Social Real Money Casino Social Gaming.)
      (Note: No questions were asked regarding partnerships with US Real Money Gaming, to whom would have the licence, nor did they mention they werent pursuing such a partner).

      No where in the cc does anyone state that they are abandoning or scraping US RMG, or United Kingdom, or Spain, or Italy, NOWHERE! They did not say they stopped seeking partners in US RMG either. Their "focus" is NOT in US LICENSING, their focus is in their DNA of social gaming, RMG is social gaming with real money of which they would need a partner in the US whom has that DNA.

      They are working on further partnering with Facebook. They are working on multi platform gaming.

      Zynga Poker is still the number one social poker game in the world.

      Further review, this was oversold do to some misleading words and misunderstanding of the definition of Social Gaming, Social Free and Social Money Casino Gaming by the idiot and incompetent copy and paste media writers.
      Don Mattricks did not really answer to RMG.

      Yes, they have been losing users BUT they beat the street expectations.

      This is not a pump, simply read the transcript from the conference call. Read it for yourself!

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