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  • blueskydriving blueskydriving Jul 26, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    Insights from just another loser


    Let me make this brief ... I apologize for anyone that I hurt with my obviously distorted analysis ... I clearly did not see into the mind of Pincus (or Mattrick) ... when a man says it is his plan, I believe him ... when he says, it will be "mind blowing", I think he is fired up! ... when they say they intend to be in every regulated market worldwide, I think they are serious ... so, where did my logic fail me ... does it matter? I failed ... and, I apologize. Stop reading now if you've had enough of me (and, I wouldn't blame you for that)

    If you're still reading, I will tell you where my logic failed ... I apologize Social because I am going to use the "W" word one more time ... but, then I'm done until Zynga mentions it, I promise ... Wynn is hardcore Federally Regulated online gambling ... he is hardcore poker only, at first ... he sent "his guys" to Washington to help Reid (and "others") draft the Bill ... if Wynn and Zynga are truly going to be partners in this effort, Zynga will support Wynn's position (Federally Regulated, poker only) ... that is where I failed ... Wynn chose to stay out of the Wild West and push for a national effort ... the Wynn CC will be the one to watch next!

    Now, that is not the only change ... Mattrick joined the team ... Mattrick the "Candy Crusher" thinks he can save the company ... ten of the top ten in four quarters ... four quarters is a year ... that would be impressive ... doubt that Candy Crusher ... in any case, Mattrick's previous successes must be recognized ... if anyone can get it done, he can ... so, the Candy Crusher has likely convinced Pincus, Bing and the Board that he can turn the ship around during the time it takes the US market to get Federally Regulated ... if it works out, it will be brilliant ... Zynga will own the top ten Social games, have years of experience in real money gaming in Europe, and a world-class partner in the US market ... and, all shall be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams


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    • This should be published and acted out on SNL. Lets see Andy #$%$ could be blue. Then the rest of the cast could be NYC homeless people acting like investors.

    • Classic.

    • Just a little reminder.

    • So Mattrick's plan B for Znyna is nothing more than to recycle Plan A. Continue with the staturated dime a dozen expensive to produce social games, while small startups like King can come up with a winner with a fraction of the production cost or any other maker for that matter. He also has to figure out how to recover 40 percent of his market share in an industry saturated by social game makers. People are not going to Zynga site to play this is reflected in MAU and DAU being down 40 percent. Timing was incredible off to announce that they were leaving RMG here in the US but mum about their overseas operation while posting such huge losses. CC seemed like ameature night and all the cash in the world is not going to help without a concrete plan and vision. I am hoping he came on board for window dressing so the company is an attractive takeover.

      It seems he wants to continue doing the same things that got them into this mess, that pig headness is going to lead to continued losses for a long time.

    • Blueskydriving: No apology needed however., after your first paragraph .. you should have stopped.

      Anything after para one is total speculation and horse #$%$. The only reason longs went wrong is that; "Pinkus made all the moves to indicate his intentions with Z are serious and, a genuine attempt to raise Z stock value. RMG in the UK and possibly more in Europe. Hire a new CEO to remove himself to appease MM's. Reduce staff by 20%, shut down un-needed offices. Purchase new gaming company. Announce 200M stock buy back. Where you and I, along with most all longs is: We put our trust in Pinkus and., Pinkus truly let himself and investors down. His new CEO does not have a truly great success record. He needed a job .. and was asked to politely leave MSFT. That's the facts. Pinkus has a unique ability to not follow through. His short comings makes him look and sound like a habitual liar. ie., buy back 200 M stock and, RMG in the US etc.
      On the personal side. You seem to have a following. Your posts are always positive .. even when the facts do not justify the positive post. Such as Z's quarterly report and CC this past week. Your following are those insecure investors that seek positive information. However., your posts are full of unjustified positive speculation and therefor become dangerous.

      Arbourplace: A paid poster has posted more facts than you and me. How said is that?

      Pinkus lied and let us down. The new CEO needs some training on what NOT to say in a CC.
      I would not be surprised to hear that Pinkus himself shorted ZNGA.

      Who am I? I worked Wall Street when it was called, "AP Dow Jones" I've worked the Philadelphia exchange, San Francisco and Chicago exchanges. In the options World .. I'm familiar with names such as Schwartzatron etc.

      Have a great weekend.

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    • Blue, I can't help but think Mattrick is:
      1] taking a safe approach by acting uninterested and helping fend off other companies from entering the RNG field
      2] is going to focus what they have by organizing the essential and eliminating the unnecessary, as to augment profitability
      3] perhaps Mattrick needs a month or two while regulations are being passed to calculate, let offers roll in, and bloviate about our RMG in other countries, so that American companies pursue a partnership with Zynga.
      4] people need to recognize Mattrick didn't say we will never partner or enter RMG in America. They said it's not our focus because you can't let a foundation crumble or build a gambling house upon sand...
      5] I can't help but remember my single days as sometimes the best way to get a lady is by acting or putting on airs of being uninterested...
      6] I didn't sell a share because these guys may be dumb like a fox and I won't be made a fool of so they and their friends can load up the boat and then say as in the "Godfather" "Just when I tried to get out, they pulled me back in."
      7] Glu Mobile will be a focus the next week or so and with their publishing and so on I feel no matter what I will hold of my shares.
      8] the shorts were right about one thing, Insiders selling Zynga just the opposite of insiders buying at Glu Mobile.
      9] I'm really bummed I couldn't sacrifice or sell and ZNGA before earnings but my new position didn't permit it, but the PPS could have gone the other way as well so I rolled the dice and gambled...
      10] Personally, I will man up and wait for yet another chance to make a new all time high in my portfolio...
      11] if I were willing to jump around hap hazard from loss to loss, or greedy and unstable, I would sell my Zynga and Buy as much Glu Mobile as possible.
      12 Time will tell; good luck all.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Hey Blue no apology needed. But I hope you will continue to think this thru. I've been watching the board Lee set up in hopes you would like to seek out some new opps.

      Look I like ZNGA but the facts do not support giving it time. I'm no airline pilot but do you trust the instruments or looking out the window?

      They told you gambling is not the priority at the moment. They told you the users are fleeing both online and mobile. They told you the revenue is dropping like a rock.

      I can not find a single reason to hold this stock in the 3s. My opinion may be different in the mid or low 2s . I like Mattrick and he may figure out a way but they told you it will be a minimum of 2 to 4 quarters to sort it out.

      Now I could be wrong and the PPS might rise from here but I'll take that chance. I'll be blunt. There is NO WYNN deal coming now or perhaps ever. In fact I would say its far more likely that if the WYNN does want a deal which I doubt they would want to consider any number of the companies already in the business with proven track records. Like BWIN.

      I hope you snap out of it soon. I think you are smart and you do great research and I think we could all help each other make money. I'll keep an eye on Lee's board. I've posted a couple of my ideas there.

    • Good points Blue!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • More analysis by the knucklehead. Blind leading the blind.
      Simple suggestion. Pay attention next time.

    • that's the spirit !!! : )

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