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  • z4abtrlife z4abtrlife Sep 6, 2013 9:24 AM Flag

    $2.09 ZNGA's low = Sprint bankrupt share price and

    I sold S for well over $7.00. To be honest, I own an insane amount of Zynga and can't for the life of me imagine how it was supposedly so hated to get down to these levels. Great work by the shorts and corrupt media like Motley Fools.

    Well as a result, no sane person will invest a minute even glancing at the rag from the fools, and the shorts made a great deal of money.

    But as we constantly hear about stocks that were left for dead like GRPN was $2.63 and all the sudden BOOM it's over $10.50 in about 10 or 11 months!

    Now it's Zynga's turn! Watch ZNGA go from $2.10 to $10.00 just like GRPN in less than a year.
    Zillow, TSLA, NTFX, LNKD, what are some others that have gone up 300, 400, 500% in a year???
    Just something to ponder on.

    Have a great day my friends, longs and shorts with integrity.

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    • Did I not try and help shorts? TSLA down $7.00 today ;) Oh, and ZNGA is up again. I tried to do them a solid. Being short Zynga just makes no sense to me.

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    • Lee and Tex, I may check out tweeting. I haven't tried it in years. I forget how to even set it up or do it. Do you think that would be an easy way to touch base or waste too much time? I may be in the dark soon if the Dr. releases me tomorrow to return to work. Do you tweet? I'd like to have a fast way to share info for those of us whose trading is secondary income ;)

    • It has been UP 10 out of the last 12 days! Not bad!

    • Has anyone pulled a 5 day chart today; talk about a Mo-Train? Check it out!

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    • Twenty thumbs up!!

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      • Tex, I'm grateful that this post has mainly reasonable and thoughtful comments.

        I honestly don't understand why people act so childish especially in regard to making money. The only thing I can think of is that they try drowning out the good posts or scaring/discouraging good posters from using the board.

        I think everyone should take a stand against name calling, bullying, and threats, by contacting Yahoo to get them and all of their ID's kicked off the board, perhaps kicked off of yahoo completely.

        Perhaps Yahoo should remove the option of having multiple ID's, and only permit peoples actual ID, then it would be easier to contact them, reprimand them, or remove them.

        After all, aren't we talking a great deal of money here. I think it's wrong for someone to be a strong sell one minute, and after a dip buy, then all the sudden they are a strong buy...

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    • I remember a Fool article in '08 saying to buy BAC at $42!!! Just brilliant.

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      • Then BAC plummeted into 09 to near $3.00 from about $40. Motley Fools should be seen as a corrupt rag at best. You can't even do the opposite of what they recommend because it seems their a bunch a college kids or random people writing for them. Motley Fools at best should be likened to this board of posters. Jim Cramer was just saying how shorts print lies on the internet that people can't verify which promotes a negative sentiment towards the companies they try to ruin. My thought is investors should only trust the news that pops up on our pro screens, or from reputable companies.

    • Don't forget NOK!!!!!! Microsoft sent his man as new CEO to Nokia... and the stock is now tripled and being bought out by Microsoft... Chances of Microsoft buy-out of ZNGA in one or two years is very high!!!!!!!!!

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    • Great post Z4.....Long and Strong....Hold for the Gold !! there is no doubt in my mind that by this time next year Zynga will be at or above $10. I " could " take the time to elaborate on all the reasons why.....but I just might change the minds of the shorts....and I don't want to do that....its more fun to watch them
      : )

    • Great post, Z4. I'm right there with you. I chose this company (or they chose me) to focus on and make my special project. Don Mattrick is the key here. That and all their cash. Any person in their right mind can look DM's history and see what he has accomplished. I don't care how anyone feels about social gaming, its predicted to experience huge growth in the next 5 years. Once DM right-sizes the work force and gets together with everyone who made "his team", we are going to see a string of good news and good things happening. With the market as forward looking as it is........................we may just see grpn, yelp and nflix type movements quicker than you might think.

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      • Tex, If you look through this thread, you'll see I was really perplexed. To Buy more GLUU because it has stalled this week or to Buy Even More Zynga because of the *Mo-Train is Flying. *Momentum

        I just filled another large block at $3.01 right before it hit $3.02.

        Unlike the person who said $3.04 was it folks, I think Zynga may just start call Shorts to Action TODAY because there's just too much time over the weekend for great, or any news for that matter, to come.

        I tried to Buy More yesterday at $2.90 because I always make money from there, but I missed it.

        I figured, if I loved Zynga yesterday at $2.90, I sure can like it at $3.01 ;)

        Let's see if Zynga Moves even Higher before Glu Mobile Rips Higher.

        Good Luck Tex

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    • if1able2, thank you. My struggle at the moment is Buying more Zynga at $3.00 because the momentum is great, or Buying more Glu Mobile because it's only had 1 news article in nearly a month ~ feels like it's in a quiet period like it's about to be acquired or something... What's your opinion?

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