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  • detmarlowe detmarlowe Nov 15, 2013 1:15 PM Flag

    Wow you guys worked hard to bury my post

    One has to admire your dedication. Just so I create some more busy work for you, I will repeat it:

    Farmvile 2 just dropped to number 13 from number 9 in the facebook rankings. Zynga now has no entry in Facebook's top 10 apps. Yet Zynga relies on facebook for 65% of their revenue. Zynga's ios rankings are not that great either. In other words their business is deteriorating, while you guys are pumping the stock.

    Now please write another hundred posts, so this posts gets buried as well. I hope you are getting paid per post.

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    • fox is right.....this isn't about the daily shuffling of farmville is lower today...tomorrow it may be higher......and don't forget its coming into the Holiday season....people get busy and may not play their games every day.......what it is about is VISION and having the ability to engage users on a CONSISTENT basis over multiple platforms for the LONG give it a break ....or WE WILL bury you AGAIN

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      • Lee O: I have been financially devastated by this most recent ZNGA moon launch. I know the herd behaves foolishly sometimes, tossing good money after bad, but thus is starting to hurt. The only way I can now attend your Christmas party is to hitchhike there, and with my current luck I'll be sitting in a raging snow storm on the freeway on ramp. Can you wire me a few hundreds dollars? I'll pay you back when ZNGA is again trading at $3-. I'll be awaiting your call at precisely 1155 PM this evening. We can discuss the wrath of God.
        Yours, Michael

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Do you think this is all about numbers? You think those that bought twitter were looking for profit or future exposure in the social space? King is being priced even higher than originally thought and their game is getting boring. This is at least a $4 billion cap company and it's trading at a huge discount when you take the cash out of the balance sheet. Those are the number one has to look at and what they are doing in the future.

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      • Well if it is not about numbers what is it about? Is it about artistic achievement, quality of games, technical proficiency? I have tried their games ... they are not complex and they get very annoying very fast. Looking at the statistics, it is apparent that others agree with me. Zynga's entire strategy is to trow annoyances at the player until the player gives up and starts paying up real money. This worked for a couple of years when there weren't many other quality games on facebook/mobile. Now it does not work anymore. So even if you try to look past the numbers, you will not see much.

        People buy Twitter and their ilk because they look at their currently rising revenues and they imagine revenues will keep rising for many years in the future. Then losses will turn into great profits. But this is not the case for Zynga. Zynga is a money losing company with falling revenues. People project Twitter's revenues five years in the future and see themselves rich. Project Zynga's revenues to the future, and you will see Zynga bringing in zero dollars in a year and a half.

    • wont take much to bury you completely.. so that is today and the past, what is your vision of whats on the plate for the future.. seems investors like where they are headed.. How much are youd down at this 52 week high.. another day or 2 until you get the cover call?

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      • Don't worry, I am well diversified. I actually made money today, despite my Zynga short. In fact I think I actually beat the nasdaq today despite the fact that Zynga and another one of my shorts are both up sharply. So I will not be panicking soon.

        My vision for the future is that Zynga will continue hemorrhaging revenue and users for the near future until its stock reaches the cash per share levels. The mobile gaming business will continue to improve, but it does not mean that Zynga will improve with it.

        There are tens of thousands of people working to create the next great mobile game. Some one will but the chances that that someone is Zynga are 1/10 000 at best.

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