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  • casesuzz casesuzz Mar 19, 2014 10:24 AM Flag

    Znga made a "Major" mistake eliminating online gambling

    in the U.S. and saying they might only offer in United Kingdom. Its like cutting your nose off spite your face. So all the company does is talk about revamping their three current online games, which are so "out dated" and so "dullsville". But its the huge blunder to back out of online gambling in the United States and overseas that will hurt Zynga for years on end. When a company pays 527 million for NaturalMotion you know the company is not going to invest a dime in online gambling. Zynga wants to still in online games, which really is a coin toss. I mean they company hasn't come out with a new online game for years and we all know they are not planning anything "big" for the next 12 to 18 months. The company CEO said so, but its not silly games that move this stock up or down. It was the "hope" that Zynga would move into online gambling and do some deal with a major Casino here or abroad. Sad to see the stock now start to fall as investors realize Zynga is going in the wrong direction - business wise.

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    • According to some on here, the delusional ones they still haven't, they read something into their 10k that is just not there and still say Zynga is going forth with it and are living in denial.

    • Sub $5 tomorrow and many think we could drop below $4 a share when correction starts this month or next. Znga is not the stock you want to hold in a declining market, or for that matter in a "crashing market". With no gambling future Zynga is pretty much just dangling by a thread, ready to fall back into the hopper and bleed more money well into 2015 and beyond.

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      • Sub $4 could be coming sooner then you think. There is only so much money in the world and King Digital is going to suck up all the easy money (with its IPO) while Zynga falls further into the dust. We've just dropped a dollar over last few days and could see another dollar drop leading up to King IPO. Out with the old (zynga) and in with the new (King).

    • One wishes that the bear/short posts were motivated by something other than per word payments - $1 per?

      To recycle 6-month old news as if it's current is your usual trickery/fakery.... Now for a substantive rebuttal -
      (1) Wake up - the U.S. is not the only game in town, probably not the biggest either. I'm beginning to think that when one of the 2 Chinese companies has its IPO, they'll make like FB with its recent purchase and look for something in the $5-30 Billion ballpark - hmm, isn't that ZNGA's "vicinity?"
      (2) It's great to get in on the ground floor, but don't you think that Nevada is going to be just a little crowded, hence over-priced on day 1?! ... ZNGA's working the kinks out in a venue big enough and similar enough to NJ and 40 other U.S. States to make them an ideal partner for someone who knows how to buy politicians and licenses and "just" needs a platform.
      (3) What the other guy said - they're keeping current and competitive in the high-level minor leagues - remembering that there really IS NO major league option at present. When somebody "calls them up" (from those minor leagues), you better believe that they will be - unlike baseball - a free agent, ... and they will have - both insiders and us - one hell of a payday.

      I could be wrong, but Mattrick is your 2014 techie. Works hard, plays hard, is "in it" for the fun and the money. Not for him sticking at MSFT and hoping to elbow his way one or 2 notches up their corporate ladder. I figure that his exit strategy coincides with moves made to date - "If/when ZNGA stops tripping over its shoelaces, somebody is going to make the same decision FB has with its couple of serious acquisitions - makes more sense to buy it than start from scratch, especially since it's like an iceberg - most of its value is not visible to the naked eye!" That is, a $10-15 share buyout gives guys like Mattrick almost the kind of money that the insiders netted when Ebay bought Paypal. I'm happy at that prospect!

    • Board cracks me up. Zynga losing money quarter after quarter. Company throws over half a billion at game company in England and Mattrick says "Zynga is not into online gambling" now or in the future. But board continues to believe in fairy tales, Big Foot and Putin - Obama love feast. Get real - Zynga is a one trick pony and all its resources and money is going into online "play" games and nothing else. Online gambling was why money was flowing into Zynga stock and now that the company is closing the door on that pipe dream - the stock will sell off accordingly.

    • to ZNGA? the strategy has been discussed and discussed and discussed more on this board than the games themselves. your use of the word "eliminating" is way off base...almost funny, if you know the company's efforts to reinvent itself. they will NEVER abandon RMG, imo...just want things to mature a bit.

    • All ZYNGA said is they are not pursueing a US 'Gambling License. The plan appears to be forming
      a gambling partnership with someone who alreay has a license.

      Hint / Clue , when ZYNGA announced about a week ago a new version of ZYNGA poker , they also
      added the new features where just the 'TIP OF THE ICEBERG', DUH , to me that

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