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  • grabapairandgolong grabapairandgolong May 5, 2014 9:50 AM Flag

    This board is a joke...yes, my price prediction was wrong, but....

    The numbers I said were true....I've been saying for months that they would show Q over Q growth...I can't help it if the stock price didn't follow w a great earnings....

    But you bashers and donkeys are making this ridiculous. Coming here is a waste of time. Yes, I'm talking about cheesewiz, sawdonk, Mrb, sfdonkeylegend, and all you new ones joining the donkey brotherhood.

    You bring nothing of value. Zero. Sawdonk and sfdonkeylegend don't even know the difference between free and grossing charts. None of you ever talk numbers or about their game ranks, etc. and if you do, you have no clue and you're way off.

    I guess my point is you are all a bunch of donkeys...

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • That's fine, call me a donkey. I don't give a $hit. sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, especially while I'm making mad cash on a cruddy stock like ZNGA.

    • Go back and look at my posts. How many times have I posted gross rankings from various sites to keep people updated?!?!?! You piece of $hit, stop being bitter about your failed prediction. Go invest in GLUU if you are so bullish about this sector. I'm making a killing on that stock as well. Long GLUU, short ZNGA.

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      • You're making a killing on GLUU? really? Ok. You and legends do not understand free vs gross. Or maybe you do, but you just talk about free to bash? You had no clue on droid rankings for new launches, no clue on any of their new game launches, etc. Would you mind posting FV gross rankings, Classics droid rankings, or how about new game launches that are pre launched? Maybe you can help out your buddy legends and explain to him what the difference between free and grossing are. I'm not bitter at all. All I'm saying is this board is a waste of time, because of donkeys like you and legends who have no clue about Zynga's games. And I have invested in GLUU and made money on their last earnings with options. I knew this ER it would not pop, because the sector has been hit. Just like it's going to take major news for Z to pop, or else it will hover here until they show Y over Y growth with bigger numbers. Again, my numbers were right and yours were wrong. If the sector wasn't hit hard, this would have had a $6 in front of it. I don't mind having conversations with people on the opposite side, but please talk facts and know what you're talking about. If not, that's how you get added on the short donkey list...

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    • Stock price is all that matters. All that other sh** is just putting lipstick on a pig. Incremental improvement in some metrics from last quarter does not justify adding $2 billion in market cap to this stock. The number of users is the most important metric for a growing company. That's why Snapchat was offered $3 billion and WhatsApp $16 billion. The user numbers for ZNGA are bad for a company its size. That's why FarmVille 2 Mobile had to do well, as it was their most important game. Even though the grossing is decent, that will fall as users fall. It now ranks in the 90's in downloads for iPhone. It's a sign of trouble. Don't hate on me and others because of your unrealistic expectations. And stop associating with other losers like sjcheetah and balleyBlTCHangel who cloud your already poor judgment. All three of you are turning into a real pathetic sewing circle.

      Realize that ZNGA is a trading stock and not an investing stock (i.e., trading sardine vs. eating sardine).

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Bears are out in full strength. Good for Bulls. Must be bottom.

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