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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 May 9, 2014 3:17 PM Flag

    What are the chances of the options boys getting this to close at a strike price of $3.50?

    I would say they are excellent. At least very close to $3.50.
    A pox on their house as well.
    The thieves work with pennies multiplied by many millions.
    What? You said free price discovery?
    In a balanced and fair market?
    Are you nuts?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • I'd say the chances are 100% :-) s'ok..Monday ZNGA will go up 20 cents and go down 30's all a game to the the cheatstreet muggers. .

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      • That's quite true. There is generally a reversal of the price tend from an options Friday expiration, and with better than 75% probability. But would you place that kind of bet when we are talking about a stock which has been a scam since its inception from the bowels of Mr. Pinus?

        Summary: ZNGA is good for a pure technical reversal on the order of 10 to 15%, but why bother with a risky short term trade on rubbish, designed solely to suck in the bottom feeders? It's much better to await the circle of being, the natural order of things, which can only mean that the ZNGA death spiral resumes. Short term traders best be very quick with their fingers, a quick draw McGraw. Timing is 3/4's of life. Then all else you need is a good mechanic, lawyer, and if you are really dreaming, a loyal wife. But am I really that cynical? Yes. Romanticism is dead in the age of the touch screen, unless you happen to be in the Third World with dirt floors where such things are rare. There it yet lives, and it is the primary attraction. However, very hungry people can be a very questionable lot when it comes to money, so you must always look for the Holy Spirit, not usually found in a flesh house. I do not blame them for those shortcomings. It is pure Darwinism.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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