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  • odonnellm66 odonnellm66 Jul 14, 2014 1:23 PM Flag

    ZNGA longs should have been sniffing GLUU.

    Not the posterior orifice of a rabid bulldog.
    Here's the essential problem with last week's rise in ZNGA common.
    Unlike GLUU, ZNGA had no volume confirmation
    Which is the critical component missing.
    Subdued volume on a 10% move hints at price manipulation.
    Relatively small amounts of capital can push and shove a penny stock.
    And ZNGA is ultimately a penny stock worth its cash and physical assets.
    I don't know about its so-called intellectual property.
    Which has yet to earn the company a dime of actual profits.
    And what is the precise cash position as of this date?
    We had yet another drunken spending spree while ZNGA was bleeding.
    If you can't create anything worthy in house with two thousand employees,
    Just go shopping at the mall.
    I suspect ZNGA's cost of operations are way out of line.
    It's that old fashioned concept of overhead.
    Meanwhile, we have a blow off top in the averages.
    And ZNGA can't participate.

    Summary: A Kosher Nostra sell signal on ZNGA is pending.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • They will be passing king soon they are double znga ps now.

    • Glu Mobile 2013 revenue was $105million.
      the new Kim game has a high forecast of $200m/year???

      what do you see for Glu by end of year of things stay on track and the game performs?

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      • You cannot argue with GLUU's price movement and the skyrocketing volume, a technician's dream stock. A pure technician, which I am not, says this goes higher. That stated, would you trust anything even mildly endorsed by Kim Khardashian? I am prejudiced on this point because I find nothing attractive about chicken thighs and fat bottomed girls--and shameless self-promoters without an original thought.

    • Odonnell, the reason you are still driving 1968 VW bus and sipping on cheap beer is because you are too much of a pessimist and clearly don't have the balls to take risk to turn your life around. If you think selling this stock will bring you peace of mind, do it, and put an end to your misery and negative thoughts that your bring to this board.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I admire his VW bus and "cheap" beer ... (PBR) is the rage among the millenial elite of SF! Mr. Odonnell is so positive and accurate and on the money that I now realize you must be one of those Tony Robbins cultists!! Otherwise you just need to have a bong hit, sit back and enjoy the amazing creativity and insights of THE Odonnell!

      • I am actually a cynical optimist. I suggest we allow the ZNGA numbers--real, not cooked numbers--speak for themselves. That's within two weeks. I would be seriously surprised if Mattrick, a console guy, is around next year. I pity his tenuous position, but not his pay.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • you keep talking about Kosher Nostra, do you have a dill pickle up you nose?

    • Mr. Odonnell , Again thank you for the powerful insights! I saw Mister Pinus at his Bolinas compound this weekend. Basking in his $200M he cashed in 2 years ago. The Kosher Nostra excels at embracing penny stock in-efficient markets. Thanks for keeping on top of the real story here!

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      • I'm going to slip on my Birkenstocks and my finest tie dyed hemp shirt, strap the surfboard to the roof of my 1968 VW bus, pack a little smokeable reality and a case of cheap beer for the journey, and pay a little visit to that self-enlightened hamlet of Bolinas. I must first seek audience with John Osterweis up on Horseshoe Hill Road (the Hamptons of the West Coast) and ask his opinion on the neighbor. More than likely, he will reply, "No comment." Then I will knock on the door of the emperor himself. "Mark, do we have a bona fide Kosher Nostra sell signal in progress on ZNGA common stock, and what is the exact nature of you relationship with the new CEO., Dr.Don Mattrick, the $58 million dollar fall guy?"
        Don't worry, all the greasy tidbits will be posted here.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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