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  • scottlogan106 scottlogan106 Apr 24, 2002 11:26 AM Flag

    WFMI experiences

    I started shopping at Whole Foods about a year ago ( North Arlington,TX ). The longer I go there the more I love it. My wife and I almost never go into a traditional grocery store any more.
    The service at Whole Foods is incredible. All their staff is extremely knowledgeable about the products. Everyone is eager to help. The prepared foods are fantastic, and the teaming with Jamba Juice make WF one stop shopping for us.
    When I go to a traditional store now I am usually digusted at the lack of caring of employees and the main stream crap they have for sale. Also, we have started seeing WF products in the regular stores but the prices are even higher than WF. Unbelievable considering the buying power of Kroger or Tom Thumb.
    I am so thankful for WF. My wife and I are excited to go shopping now where before it was a chore.
    Also, we have lost weight and feel much better overall.

    This is why I am long WF and am encouraging everyone I come in contact with to go there.


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    • You have more problems than wet hair and a slovenly appearance and WFMI owes you some grilled fish.Go panhandle at OATS.They're giving away sales over there.

    • I enjoyed shopping at Whole Foods too. The employees are really helpful and the quality of the produce is exceptional.

      However, I had a bad experience with the manager at the Boulder store. I went to Whole Foods one evening after working out. I was wearing sweat pants, a tank top, and an old leather jacket, and my hair was wet because it was raining. I guess my appearance could have been better.

      I was waiting my turn at the seafood counter along with other customers who were gathered around a free-sample tray of grilled fish. Someone alerted the manager that there was a vagrant in the store and I was asked to accompany the manager to the back office.

      I tried to explain that I was not homeless. However, the manager told me that he would call the police and have me arrested for shop lifting the grilled fish samples if I did not sign a statement saying that I would not return to the store under penalty of criminal trespassing. After considering the expense and time of defending myself in court, as well as the impact such charges might have on my security clearance (I work for a defense contractor), I decided to accept the second option.

      The manager then offered to pay my bus fare to the homeless shelter. I declined his offer and got into my 2002 Subaru WRX and drove to my half-million-dollar home in Boulder. It's nice to know that Whole Foods has so much concern for our community.

      I sold my stock in WFMI and now I shop at Wild Oats.

    • As the population ages and spends more on health, they're going to figure out that its cheaper and more tasty to eat organic and prevent disease than to pop pills and go to the doctor. This figures to be as good a demographics play as JNJ or THC. Eventually they may get bought out.

      I've been shopping at WFMI all over the country for 8 years at least and incredibly kept waiting for it to become cheaper before buying stock. Meanwhile I've lost money on all that Wall St dished up.
      Guess I learned my lesson.

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