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  • tybalt tybalt May 5, 2002 12:42 AM Flag

    WFMI experiences

    I enjoyed shopping at Whole Foods too. The employees are really helpful and the quality of the produce is exceptional.

    However, I had a bad experience with the manager at the Boulder store. I went to Whole Foods one evening after working out. I was wearing sweat pants, a tank top, and an old leather jacket, and my hair was wet because it was raining. I guess my appearance could have been better.

    I was waiting my turn at the seafood counter along with other customers who were gathered around a free-sample tray of grilled fish. Someone alerted the manager that there was a vagrant in the store and I was asked to accompany the manager to the back office.

    I tried to explain that I was not homeless. However, the manager told me that he would call the police and have me arrested for shop lifting the grilled fish samples if I did not sign a statement saying that I would not return to the store under penalty of criminal trespassing. After considering the expense and time of defending myself in court, as well as the impact such charges might have on my security clearance (I work for a defense contractor), I decided to accept the second option.

    The manager then offered to pay my bus fare to the homeless shelter. I declined his offer and got into my 2002 Subaru WRX and drove to my half-million-dollar home in Boulder. It's nice to know that Whole Foods has so much concern for our community.

    I sold my stock in WFMI and now I shop at Wild Oats.

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    • Well, it's a good thing you sold when you did. You know you made money!! =)

      There must've been a lot more to this story than we are hearing. Did you speak to the actual store manager or was this an incident with one of the assistants/store shift supervisors? I have a feeling you weren't speaking to the ACTUAL manager.

      Enjoy your shopping at Wild Oats, they pale in comparison to WFM.

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      • Why didn't you just show some ID? I am sure they would not of done a big background check into that.

        Also as far as the leg shaving. I know in SO CAL there is no policy making women shave thier legs. Regardless if they are wearing shorts or pants. Also the only hair shaving policy is the PITS. If you are wearing a sleeveless shirt you have to shave THE PITS. MEN AND WOMEN!!

        Let's just move on to something more to do with profit...Buy the sompany because it makes money not because they have hairy legged Team Members..

    • Now lets see.
      You own a 500 grand house a new
      car and you work for defense contractor.
      And your afraid to defend yourself???
      You were hanging out by the fish
      and your story smells fishy.
      Provide more details if you
      want to be believed. Like why
      haven't you called the corporate
      office. What is the managers name.
      Give me a break!

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      • I shopped at Whole Foods exclusively since they opened their Boulder store in 1998 until the incident I just described. Clearly, I was satisfied with the service and the selection.

        Why didn't I care to defend myself against the manager's false allegations? Consider having to explain to your employer or a DOD administrator why you let your name be mentioned in public records associated with a criminal charge (even if the case is dismissed) while you are seeking a security clearance. Consider having to explain that every time someone does a background check on you. Consider the cost of missed opportunities just because a client's background check fosters concern about our firm's integrity. Do you think these are reasonable costs for someone just because they own a new car and a nice place to live?

        Give me a break!

        If you would like, I will e-mail you the manager's name. Then you can bear the liability of posting it.

    • First of all, living in a $500k house in Boulder is nothing exceptional. The median on homes purchased last year was $474,512.

      Secondly, driving a Suburu is certainly no status symbol. Half of the people in Boulder have this car and it is nothing to brag about. In other parts of the country it's a joke.

      What do these two items have to do with anything? NOTHING... I'm sure the manager of WFMI doesn't check the parking lot each time he makes a decision to take care of his customer base.

      I don't want someone who smells like a goat and looks like a **** shoping next to me in the grocery. I think the manager did all of us customers a favor( if the story is true).

      GO WFMI !!!!

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    • Your problem is the "someone" who alerted the manager that there was a vagrant in the store.

      Life isn't perfect, and appearances do matter. Ask the next innocent Arab who sits next to you on an airplane.

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