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  • divadregurk divadregurk Nov 5, 2006 5:38 PM Flag


    I love the people like "Oreopopurcookies" who throw out comments like "bankruptcy an option?" and the guy who can't even spell Enron (Emeron). It shows the level of ignorance and low IQ of most posters. Whole Foods hasn't missed their earnings, their sales are still strong. Had dinner the other night with a convetional supermarket guy who owns WFMI stock and they are still the envy of the industry. This is an exceptional company. It's not management's fault that the investors bid this up to unreasonable levels. They will continue to put up strong numbers and management is credible. John Mackey owns 576,000 shares and wants to create value for charitable purposes. This guy is money in the bank. EMERON...GIVE ME A BREAK. I'LL BET THE OTHER BASHERS OUT THERE ARE GOING...BOY THESE GUYS MAKE ME LOOK REALLY STUPID....BANKRUPTCY AND EMERON....GO BACK TO GET YOUR G.E.D. IT'S A BETTER USE OF YOUR TIME.

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    • What are they - his fancy homes ???

      Gee, I thought that guy was a stock market guru, why is he in WFMI when WMT is now going into market. Wonder how Wild Oat Markets is gonna fair as well.

      Enjoy the ride...

      Shareholders will be eating oats for supper when these stocks slide. It all gets back to what the insiders are BUYING!

      If they don't buy stock in their company, well then it means they have no faith in their company which is also why their selling their stock options.

      The board of directors needs to implements rules for a waiting period for their stock options, like one to five years. Not, give it to them and watch then immedately sell their shares and instantly getting a large cash winfall.

      Who's suppose to be regulating this industry ? SEC. Their out to lunch at McDonalds.

    • And his past companies and what happen to him, before you start posting silly posts about how great of a guy he is.

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