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  • cane5 Mar 29, 2011 11:36 AM Flag

    Hits keep on coming

    all the way to 100. Sorry shorties you were warned....

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    • Going higher and grinding higher..also using OptionTower and their option trades. Made over 15k in 2 weeks.

      OptionTower (co m) gives daily option trades.

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      • Make sure you read the laundry list of fine print in optiontower (optionallure)'s "terms of service". This site gives itself the license to rob its members! They play games with their names... it was originally optionglobe, which is now shut down (I wonder why???)... now it is optionallure, but they will spam under the names optionlight, optiontower, and optionday so that angry ex customers like me won't find their posts and tell the truth about how they mistreat their customers! They decided to raise their rates after I had already purchased an extended subscription. They shut off my subscription (which I had already paid for), and demanded I pay the new, much higher price. I had to fight the charge through my credit card company, and ended up winning... because the woman who runs the website is a pathetic liar and I was able to prove it. Watch out for her, and her cohorts... artgitlevich08 may pretend like he is a paying customer, but he is just another insider. Steer clear of this website... the only guarantee it makes is that it will take $995 from you upon signing up... none of which you will ever get back under any circumstance.

    • Keep dreaming. Sold my 5000 shares bought at 9.53. Shorting 5000 shares at 65.93 today. Time will tell, but soooon the market will drop 200 points. PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED.

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