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  • mightyhog mightyhog Jul 25, 2012 9:15 PM Flag


    After nearly 3 years of moving up with great earnings and forward forecast, it’s unbelievable that people are still fighting the uptrend. Even Cramer through in the towel in the mid century mark if I am not mistaken.
    I also have a hard time with everyone that thinks they know everything about these markets. The fact is most people lose money. I am totally convinced that most everyone on this message board is a total looser at the end of the day. Here is a reality check for everyone out there. The pros do not want you to buy and hold, they want you to trade your account to zero, especially since the volume has been so low.
    The reality is that if you had purchased Whole Foods in early 09 between $7- $10 per share, you have all the reason to celebrate. And if you didn’t, you should close all your position and study the markets before giving up your hard earned money making others rich.
    I am in at $7.33; I think a 20% percent correction will be very healthy for this company. And to know that we have all these bears out their shorting this stock, the reality of $105 then $150 is just around the corner.
    Have fun trading guy.

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    • BRAVO, I salute your comment.

    • Does anyone really make money on these stocks - Be Honest! If you have a 401k account and do dollar cost averaging and have the capital gains and dividends reinvested, you are probably doing ok over a longer period of time, but other that who really makes any money in the long run?

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      • You are absolutely correct. 1982, I was 22, my first trade,, 100 shares of MMM 20/share, the market scared the crap out of me sold it at a loss at 19 and change, if I only knew and listen to my peers.
        Mid 90’s if I am not mistaken with the date, APPL 25/share, traded for a few months, made a few dollars and was pounding my chest like a gorilla thinking I was a great trader, another mistake. And many more that I would much rather forget about.
        Since 09: Seek out good companies, buy low and forget about it, my portfolio up over 1000%.
        When I was younger, I never considered retirement and how I would manage once I retired. Fortunately in my case over the past 34 years I learned a thing or two about trading and picking good companies; however it didn’t come without a price.
        As my father-in law would always tell me, gods bless his sole (self made millionaire in the stock market). 1-Buy low and sell high
        2-Never fight the trend.
        3-Always use stops.
        4-Be patient and wait for the bottoms to form. At times catching a falling knife may work; however it all depends on the market sentiment.
        5-Don’t marry your stock. Once you have a confirmation of a top and sign of weakens, take your money and run and don’t look back.
        6-News is old news
        7-Never short stocks or you will be eaten by the sharks.
        8-Always keep a well diversified portfolio. In my opinion a good portfolio consist of Stocks, Bonds and maybe 5% -10% dedicated to frequent trading to keep you on your toes.

        One only needs to keep in mind that the price of bread and butter is always moving higher around the world, and so is the price of stocks.

    • I know the feeling too well, I was trading options for five years to the limit, and thought I knew everything about the markets that was to be known until the age of 27. I then had a reality check on that black Monday in October of 87. Since then I have learned:
      1-Stay away from options, options are wasting assets. No one can beat time; time is and will always be against you.
      2-Sell when everyone is talking about how much money they are making in the markets. Buy when everyone is crying wolf, especially the media.
      3-Never forget the simple fundamentals of the markets. Supply vs. Demand.
      4-Be equally a fundamental trader as a technical trader. One can never have too much knowledge.
      5-Don’t be in a hurry to get in or out of these markets. Use stops.
      6-The markets will give the ones with patients plenty of opportunity to get in or out.
      7-At best we have 1 to 2 times in a year to get in or out of these markets. The rest of the time it’s for those who think they know it all.
      If I want to gamble my money away, I will go to Vegas; at least I will get a few free drinks while giving my money to the casinos.
      WFM may have a high PE ratio; however when one looks at the chart, there is nothing to indicate that this stock has reached a top or giving sell signals. It was just recently that it made an all time high. I may have a change of heart if it WFM fails to make a new high or begins forming a top. Until then it will remain in my portfolio.
      The overall market has been moving higher since 09 with sideways corrections that may seem scary. I see this as a positive.
      Good trading

    • I am in at an average of $17 and change, but in reality, that was a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone who sill had cash left and was willing to step up...I mean, the world was ending...dollar thrifty was like a dollar something to $60, AXL from .70 something to $17...and many , many more stories of rags to riches. Unfortunately, it was right around the time the retail investor was throwing in the towel and swearing off stocks forever...sad...

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