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  • jgiled jgiled Oct 22, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    We think WFM stock will get hit just like SBUX did


    Soon or later
    Some stocks are just going straight up like there is no end. Well let me tell you look what happened to CMG SBUX and others.

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    • Every company pulls back or corrects, don't single a couple of company's and what happened to them. WFM has been around for a long time now and the same story has been always been brought up. It has is been at or near it's all time high for awhile now, so instead of making the point that Whole Foods is a passing fade (which it is not), make the point that it needs to pullback, because it is time - too long at these lofty heights. The same old story is old and you or we do not understand the company. Understand the company and move the argument along, ok? There is a big difference in selling over priced coffee on the corner, than selling thousands of "green" products and caring about the enivonment and the animals while doing it. I would rather own Dunkin Donuts stocks than Starbucks anyway - Dunkin Donuts is not a passing fade.

    • Who is "we"???

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      • I see "we" sometimes. I'm not sure who "we" are, because they never mention the organization. So "we" can mean anything or nothing, therefore, meaningless. It does look more important, eventhough, we do not know who "we" are. It reminds me when a magician does an illusion, slight of hand, you are looking there, when something else is going on over there.

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