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  • wooglin_kai wooglin_kai Dec 4, 2012 9:07 AM Flag

    The Other White Meat (don't tell kmsmith!!!)

    "Choose pork and other meat products that were raised without drugs. One way to do that is to buy certified orgnanic pork, from pigs raised without antibiotics or ractopamine. another option is to buy from Whole Foods, which requires that produceer not use either type of drug."

    Above from Consumer Reports magazine, January 2013 article "What's in that pork"?

    For those who care about what they put into their bodies, I recommend reading the entire article.

    Gotta love the free publicity, but of course, the nice press is a result of WFM's own actions/philosophy.

    Not everyone cares what they put into their bodies, but IMO, more and more people do.
    I haven't bought a pork product from Swift Premium (what an appropriate name; they produce pork more swiftly, but is it "premium"?) for YEARS. I used to buy bone in pork chops at WFM, but given the gradual increase in the thickness of their cuts--they are much more than a serving now (can you say profit motivation???) I have migrated to duBreton's organic bone in pork chops--purchased at no other than WFM!
    Funny thing is that besides the benefits of eating organic pork, the TASTE & TEXTURE of duBreton's pork chops are superior to regular supermarket pork chops--buying/consuming organic pork chops is a win-win!


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    • I read the article in the Consumer Reports heaven edition, as I died due to consumption of GMO, steroid laden, trichinosis afflicted baby back pork ribs. Too late. Oh, and there are no WFM stores up here, as god gladly tendered the enterprise to the devil, since they are so adept at doing his work.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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