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  • snosurfer08012 snosurfer08012 Jan 23, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    Please stop comparing TFM to Whole Foods unless you've shopped both...

    TFM uses Partially hydrogenated oils in baked goods...most of the cheese is pre-packaged, commodity offerings..the fish and meat is just like any other conventional grocer...oh, wait..they have soft lighting and hardwood floors, so they must be a viable competitor to whole foods...

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    • Shopped both. Prefer Fresh Market.

    • I shop at both and several other places, including Earth Fare, Piggly Wiggly, Trader Joe's, Kroger and Publix . TFM has the best bread and olive bar. I buy my fruits and vegetables at all of them. The food bars at Whole Foods and Earth Fare are good, but only for an early lunch. Some things don't keep well when they have to be heated all the time, for example, soups. TFM is the most expensive and Kroger the cheapest. To me the future of TFM looks bleak because of their pricing scheme. On those items that everybody carries, their prices have to come down. At one time I was thinking of investing in TFM, but I do not see a great future for growth unless they adjust some of their pricing policies.

    • I shop at both (and commodity grocers). While I certainly think TFM is a step up in terms of quality compared to commodity grocers (I don't judge based on degree of hydrogenation, or point of packaging, just fresh and tasty factors), they are not presently in WF's league (for my criteria). Must say the local TFM had a very poor selection of produce this week. But consistenly better for produce and fish/meat than my commodity.

      My commodity grocer is Dominicks (chicago area).

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