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  • jthinkhouse jthinkhouse Feb 14, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    This is a true story

    My family has always shopped at WF, we spent roughly 2k per month, we have 5 kids one with special needs diet of GFCF diet. After my wife and I heard what the CEO said regarding Obamacare and every man for himself mentality. I said Obamacare is good for our family and if it's every man for himself I wouldn't give WF another dime. We have been at it for 2 months now, no problem. I am sure we are not the only family doing this. Everything you find at WF can be bought at Mom and Pop natural food stores, some for even less. If not I buy my staples buy the case from Amazon.

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    • good choice, I guess. Why support a company that has created a industry, and has been a strong supporter of many community, employee and environmental intiatives.

      After all, his personal opinions didn't support pet issues and deserves your "strike".

      I didn't recall the CEO saying it is every man for himself. Sure you didn't say that ?

      five kids...knock it off, my 15 K/yr real estate taxes went up just reading that :)

    • I have not read his comments. I support Peace on the planet and do not own a gun. The majority of my customers are opposite. I treat them well and they support me. Whole foods treats their employees well and me too. I find it odd he would take on such controversy, but I believe he has a right to his opinions.

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