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  • MXMMii MXMMii Jul 23, 1999 4:46 PM Flag errors with IE 5.0

    Has anyone had problems adding items to your cart
    on Wholefoods web site?

    I click on add item
    and then click OK. When I go to look in my cart,
    nothing is there.

    Any similar experiences with IE
    5.0 or any other browsers? Is this a big problem with
    their site?

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    • If anyone is reading messages today and I sure
      hope that someone is, there is going to be a program
      on KSFO 560 AM today, Sunday,at 4 PM Pacific time.
      You can listen via audio by going to
      Barbara Simpson is the hostess and is widely listened to
      here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm hoping that
      because you have an interest in Wild Oats that you would
      like to learn more about terminator seeds, genetically
      engineered foods, etc. I personally am against them all -
      how about you? Good chance to listen today and hear
      what others are thinking and saying.

    • <EOM>

    • It's 38 1/2 and climbing!

    • I support the relation with Real Goods.

    • -ed in minority stakes to buy back more WFMI
      stock? WFMI is not the Mackey Investment Company. We as
      shareholders should fight the adoption of the poison pill
      provision (by filing a derivitive law suit) and request
      that the company retain an investment advisor to seek
      a sale of the company. Management seems to be doing
      a good job on store level operations but the
      strategic focus and ability to execute expanison
      effectively is apparently not what it should be and is
      markedly reducing shareholder value. It's time to unlock
      the value. Anyone have the number to Wild Oats?

    • WFMI is a "show-me" stock and once again
      management displayed its lack of focus and credibility in
      key areas.

      Simply put the new internet
      strategey serves two purposes. First it creates a bunch of
      hype in the hope that no one will notice that the
      company can't hit its earnings numbers. Second, it allows
      Mackey to fancy himself as a new-age Jeff Bezos. He'll
      probably get a bunch of options which will allow him to
      throw the dice in the hope of becoming internet rich.
      When the company lowered fy99 estimates and growth
      rates it blamed it on, in part, a $2M charge for
      estimated Y2K compliance. According to the the most recent
      10Q only a small portion of that amount has been
      spent as of the end of Q3. Now part of the the $6M
      charge includes apx. $1M for Y2K upgrades. Shouldn't
      that have already been figured into the lowered
      earnings projections? And where did this new software
      upgrade come from? It had to have been the works for a
      while? Are they taking special charges for capital
      expenditures in order to obscure the fact that they cannot
      control SG&A expenses? They should just come clean and
      tell the shareholders that the expansion is taking far
      more money and resources than they initially
      envisioned (my guess of what's really going on).

      What further frustrates Wall Street is the this off
      the wall minority stake investment in other
      companies. We want to own grocery stores not holistic
      medical centers. What are they thinking? Further, why pay
      a premium price to acquire a minority stake in RTGC
      when they should have gotten the stock in exchange for
      specially promoting the companies goods in WFMI stores and
      on the internet?

      Management thinks WFMI is
      unfairly treated on Wall Street and that the stock should
      be much higher given the top-line growth and
      contribution numbers from the core grocery biz. Well, why
      didn't management use the $23M they invest

    • I like that! Are you a Warren B. fan?

    • WFMI finished the day on a low note. I expect to see some downgrades coming very soon. My target is $27. I think this stock has yet to hit a bottom.

    • prediction. Today I wear the dunce's hat.
      Tomorrow the reverse may be true. I still believe that
      this company will double from this point within the
      next two years. This weekend's party is on me. Best
      wishes to all.

    • All of our questions will be answered in due
      time...but my guess is that WFMI will spin off some or all
      of the company, exclusively by the IPO. WFMI and
      thus its shareholders will "benefit" from the proceeds
      from the IPO (less of course the banker's fees). Will
      the proceeds exceed the management diversion and true
      $ costs?

      I was never on the bandwagon with
      the posters on this board...time will tell if
      this is a good move, but so far the market doesn't
      like it! Meanwhile, OATS is cruising along (I don't
      own OATS)

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