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  • gsisxwiowdiod gsisxwiowdiod Feb 17, 2012 2:27 PM Flag

    Natural Gas stocks stablizing to UP


    This is GREAT news for GABUX holders. The lag that we had may be over very soon and we should start to trend up. GABUX holds many NAT Gas stocks in there portfolio

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    • Kid.....I lost my shirt chasing capital gains in the past, so chasing high yield and banking my GABUX monthly distribution is a big improvement over the losses I have incurred over the
      years in tech stocks! Most investors seem to agree that the lag in natural gas stocks is for the short term, so you better get back in and load up on GABUX while the yield is still high before the NAV takes off!

    • Hey Kid, I thought you sold out? So why are you back here handing out advice? Just curious.

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      • I'm guessing that what The Kid is thinking is that it would be nice for the GABUX, (or any other dividend paying equity that he is actively investing in), to stay at it's current value, or move only slightly lower, while he continues to add to his position in the near term, or when fiscally viable. That would be a reasonable desire for someone who is only just beginning to build a position, or for someone is who planning to add to their position in the near future. Once "fully invested", then I would think that The Kid would want the GABUX and his other presumed dividend paying positions to head for the sky and never look back.
        But then what do I know, I am the world's worst mind reader.
        Kid, check in and fill in the blanks.

    • Maybe someone can enlighten me on why Mario held on to natural gas stocks like NFG which have been in the toilet since last summer, the last time we saw a substantial rise in the NAV before the gas stocks tanked.

      I'm a GABUX investor who would rather see the NAV stay lower, but I am curious as to why Mario didn't increase the NAV by trading out of natural gas when it started to tank.

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      • Years ago NFG bought shale land in PA, I believe, - for practically nothing an acre. Today the gas under that land, now available through fracking, is worth thousands of times more than its purchase price. NFG is attempting to learn the true value of its holdings in this area.
        It appears to be of enormous proportions. Yes, GABUX appears to be a right-on gas play.

      • kidshelleen51 Feb 21, 2012 2:22 PM Flag

        >>> I'm a GABUX investor who would rather see the NAV stay lower <<<
        Jacal, you can't be serious? With all respect you really shouldn't be investing money in the market if all you see is the high div yield. You ought to want to see this thing soar to $10 because that would be the best guarantee that they can not only sustain the div but increase it. This thing is down 10% in the last year, so your actual gain is only 4%. Keep some perspective or you'll go broke chasing yield without performance.

      • Probably have to ask Mario but I think he simply sees the gas as a great long term investment. I agree.

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