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  • metropolis954 metropolis954 Nov 12, 2012 3:24 PM Flag

    Out of dry powder

    Good luck to you and all others holding. I've been in GABUX for quite a long time and not too encouraging to see the steady decline in the utility sector. As it kept declining in price, I switched from reinvest to taking cash. Even though I had to sell at a loss, I have the carry forward banked and feel a lot better having used the proceeds to buy more ARR. Especially with the current aimless policies going forward, REITs should outperform.

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    • Oh yes, forgot to comment on KMM. I'm also an owner and although not a big dividend generator, it as performed well over time, usually in the $10 - $11 price range, seemingly able to weather all storms. I hope to be using some of my ARR dividends to later add to my KMM position. Best of luck.

    • Metro. Also take a look at ncv and ncz. Yield getting closer to gabux.Different sector though.

    • I hold GABUX in my IRA so taxes aren't a big deal. I'm still up on total return "Unrealized losses" with GABUX.. My worry is the dividend will get cut and the money I use from that to reinvest into other things will get cut along with some of my income..

      Like I said, " if Obama is good for utilities we would be seeing an upward trend in utilities. Not a falling knife like we have seen since the elections.

      I do think we will get a bounce if there is any good news on the fiscal cliff. At tat point I will sell some if not all my GABUX.. But, it may come too late for GABUX and too little if it keeps on falling.. I may have to take a pretty good hit or risk GABUX cutting the div and loosing more NAV.. AHHHHH!!!! driving me nuts!!!!

      Socialism S-U-C-K-S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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