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  • fredkane3947 fredkane3947 Jan 3, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Beating the markets again today!

    Beating the indexes handily again today. Up about .50% right now.

    Too bad others here won't disclose their holdings. Could be that some of them actually don't have any investments. That's my hunch. You know who they are. They are the middle school boy trolls...... who never disclose anything about their supposed investments, never offer anything helpful for other investors, know very little about GABUX and its holdings, but enjoy being trolls.

    I would love to hear about the portfolios that others hold. I don't care about dollar amounts. I'd like to know more about what people invest in and what percentage of their portfolio those investments represent. And I always appreciate hearing what is working well for people!

    Have a great new year!

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    • davcot Jan 4, 2013 9:50 PM Flag

      Hi Fred,
      Current holdings:ARR,LNCO,PSEC,POT,AWF,KMM,GGN,GABUX.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I have sure been impressed with KMM. It has been rock solid through the recession. Linn is another solid performer. PSEC is my favorite BDCL but my exposure is through BDCL (it is BDCL's largest holding). That 3 for 1 split for Potash last year sure paid off for investors. Did you get in on the split?

        AWF had a big special divi that went ex-div in December, didn't it? Yahoo shows it with a whopping +20% yield now but that is wrong, isn't it? You just can't trust Yahoo's yield figures.

    • Hey Fred,
      Here are a few of my "better" holdings that did well for the year. Was disappointed in NLY and GGN. Just missed getting out of GGN yesterday by a penny...then it slid down even more. Oh well. I have not done the percentages. I stay pretty balanced on my stock holdings and more heavy weighted in the Mutual funds. Here are Total Returns for these holdings for 2012. My yield of course will be different based on cost basis. P.S. I have some well.

      PSEC = 27.7%
      PETDX = 20.4%
      JAHYX = 13.2%
      PDT = 8.1%
      NCV = 10%
      NLY = 0.71%
      AGNC = 19.7%
      HIX = 9.1%
      DHF = 11%
      ARR =7.3%
      FAGIX = 14.1%

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      • Plenty of familiar names there including some I own or have owned or own some through a fund or ETF. I used to own NCV, JAHYX, AGNC, ARR and DHF. Decided to move away from high yield bonds and agency backed mREITS and CEFs though.

        We do have PETDX and GABUX in common plus I own a piece of PSEC through BDCL. HIX is really a solid long term high yield bond fund. It is one of four or so that I think just consistently perform well.

        NLY has sure been a disappointment for investors! I feel your pain. But, on the other hand, PETDX has sure been doing well! FAGIX is another one of those consistent long term performers.

        Thanks for sharing! A nice looking portfolio!

    • What do you think Fred?
      % of holdings Symbol

      15.00 cash
      2.60 dlenx
      8.40 dltnx
      2.50 fgbrx
      9.10 fhaix
      12.40 fisrx
      26..70 fkinx
      6.50 gabux
      9.20 prhyx
      4.40 tgeix
      3.50 arr

    • Up +0.33% today! One of my goals is to consistently beat the major indexes on a daily basis, which I did.

      My +12.08% total return in 2012 was about equal to the Dow, but lagged the S&P500 and NASDAQ. In the last six months I beat all three, but that was due to a reallocation adding to PETDX, NCT, MXXVX and PRHSX and lowering my allocation to GABUX and selling out of BGY, BOE and GGN. My heavy exposure to speculative microcap biotechs also pulled my return down over the year, but I am glad to sacrifice immediate return for excellent long term potential. I think I'm positioned now for a better return in 2013.

      What are your favorite stocks or funds right now? If you had extra money what would you invest in now?

      Don't let the trolls get you down. They lead unhappy lives. Feel sorry for them and pray for their healing.


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