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  • joe_mil1 joe_mil1 Nov 25, 2008 5:09 PM Flag

    Prediction for EEV anyone interested....

    Prediction in what sense? be more specific please

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    • oil dropped 6% today which I think is the reason EEV stayed positive today even when the market kept bouncing up and down

      so if oil makes new lows at the same time the market readjusted to the mid 7000's i think eev could hit mid-high 150s again

      i dont see a lot of downside in eev right now, i would say the short tearm low is 75

    • Grind is a nice guy. The problem is all those who follow him blindy. When this volatile stops , market go up, Grind will disappear and all the rest will get the big one.....but then will b e Grinds fault

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      • If you read my threads, I actually stated over a week ago that Wednesday this week would be the beginning of a rally to OVER 10,000 by mid-Jamuary.....I also stated that I thought Monday and Tuesday of this week would be down - hence my smallish trade block of EEV which was purchased Friday, and Monday - also note that I was in acummulation mode on MSFT for over a week at drops below 18 and 19 depending on where the price was and I set a sell limit for them today at 20.10 to lock in nice gains....I did this because my call on the Monday and Tuesday reds days did not come to fruition....

        I also BOUGHT DUG today pre-market at 34.65 because I knew OIL would drop - but check it out - oil down over $3 and DUG down!....go figure

        All of my buys/sells and opinions are posted - I back my predictions up with text...PRIOR to an equities move.

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