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  • timd99fl timd99fl Jan 12, 2009 2:02 PM Flag

    OT: anti-military remarks

    MurderBurger, I am a retired Navy Senior Chief (1964-1984) with 332 carrier flight missions (and 2 crashes) to my credit, flown in war and in peace. I take strong offense to your anti-military remarks; and yet, I have defended your right to express yourself freely and would do it again. But please know that American freedom ain't free pal, and others are paying for it whether you like the politics behind it or not!

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    • Tim, don't bother. He's not worth it (and he knows it).

    • Patriotism does not mean to blindly follow George Bush into a two front war that is crippling our country with debt.

      Patriotism does not mean to kill innocent Iraqis because they have oil. No weapons of mass destruction were found. Get out.

      Patriotism does not mean that because they are paying you, you should not question your leader's orders. Yes, in most military circumstances, you need a soldier to follow orders. We are talking about before the numbskull signs up after watching the movie "Stripes" and thinks that he is going to get a hot MP to play pancake with in the Generals house.

      Patriotism does not mean that you are more American because you watch Fox news and they spoon feed you the answers because you dont have any.

      Patriotism does not mean that because nothing has happened since 9-11 that the military had anything to do with it. How about finding Bin Laden? How about winning the war in Iraq? WWII was over sooner. American Military loses yet again. We will soon be able to replace polish military jokes with the American Military.

      They tell you over and over to be proud you served. Served who? Corrupt leaders? The American way? That dream is dead for most Americans as their economy fails, kids running rampant with guns, meth too.. What exactly are you fighting for? Teenagers with no education and tatoos? When was the last time a teenager came up with a new dress style? Pants around the ankles was done in the 80's. Lip rings early 90's. Mods, grunge.. when the teenager fails to innovate except to go on killing school rampages, you know you got problems. Thank you, you gun loving NRA supporters for giving your kids access to guns. Did Bush address this after Virginia Tech. No, he was bought off. Did America? No they are too lazy to do anything but look for deals on some commie made crude at Walmart.

      Didnt you Vietnam Vets fight to stop communist expansion and yet now it is ok to buy their lead based products and feed em to your grand children. Where is your conviction? On one hand you killed their kids, now you kill your own. Nothing like Americans who can change their minds on what is ok just as easily as they change the channel. Are the Chinese practicing human rights or is it better that you can buy a Dora the explorer toy in a Happy Meal?

    • You don't have a clue. You wouldn't understand patriotism if it ran you over in a dump truck! By the way, the Abu Garib guards were courts-martialed for what they did. You ought to mvoe to Cuba and see how many "rights" you have. Dope! Anyway,looks like the short funds will do great today!

    • It's ALWAYS good to kill people for the right reason. A truism one can live by.

      Speaking on behalf of the entire human race: some people just do not deserve to live and should be killed.

      Now, how about that EEV kids?

    • Being patriotic ,doesn't mean supporting your country right or wrong.When those who are in power blantantly break the law ,it becomes hard to teach kids to respect the law.My father took a bullet for this country in WW2 but hated Bush for his atrocities.

    • Tim & tdruby,
      Don't get upset with this murderburger and his hippie ideals.
      "The last war that the majority of American soldiers honorably served in was WWII"
      I'm proud to have served in OIF 05-06 and nobody will take that away from me. Same with Vietnam and other foreign wars, without them we wouldn't had been a World supremacy just like we are today.
      Nobody who has not served has the right to talk down to the forces.
      That's why the country of Israel makes that every person with no disability to serve the first two years after they get out of high school. Such service makes boys act like men having a much better perception of reality.

    • Hey great for you. Sounds like a nice job. Remember, I didnt ask you to enlist or stay in the military. That was your choice.

      As far as I am concerned, the military is a over bloated joke, funded by tax payers through the Federal Reserve to keep Americans enslaved.

      If you ever want to help me, how about using less gas. How about making jobs here in the US. How about stop spending your money on stuff made in China. How about educating your kids.

      Do I believe we need a military. You betcha. Do I believe these wars in South Asia are wrong. Yes. Can you honorably serve? Yes.

      Here's to those who do. And to those who think they are doing me a favor, do it for yourself or your kids if that is what motivates you. Remember.. we are all given life on this planet to make it a better place. Do we need to be killing people who's children will come back and haunt our childrens children? Are we safer now than we were before? How about spending my tax dollars on having a SEC run by a boy scout, not a joke. How about having the Federal Reserve not prop up the markets when they should have let the balloon burst earlier. The Fed was supposed to stop inflation. Instead they created 147 dollar oil, which created inflation, which created this deflation and thus huge massive job depression.

      You want to do something for this country? How about keeping jobs here and not sending em out to jokers in India or China. How about making our kids the smartest in the world? How about making Bragalenia not the focus of our country? How about putting some moral fiber back into our souls.

      Hey, I am a descendant of a general of the Revolutionary war, I had a colonel in the union army of the Civil, my german grandfather served in the US against germany in WWI (I had a very old grandfather). In WWII my fathers grandfather served in the Pacific theater as colonel. My father ENLISTED as a doctor in the Vietnam war, he could have stayed at home and made a great living. He did it to save lives, not kill them for a war he didnt agree with, but he joined anyways.

      The last war that the majority of American soldiers honorably served in was WWII. The rest are basically unthinking pawns that did the dirty work of their masters. If you served during times of peace to be a guard to protect our shores, that is honest work. But the killing of innocents in foreign countries is wrong and needs to stop. Thus anyone involved in that business is either unthinking or a criminal. That is my opinion.

      If I was in the military and saw the criminal activity associated with the Abu Grabe and since they were wearing the uniform with my flag on it, I would have walked away from the military. All the armed forces should have put down their weapons and asked for heads to roll of their superiors who had any involvement. We as civilized people do not do that to people. We do not torture and engage in criminal activity. Instead we have people who treat these people as animals and keep them considered animals in the media. I have been to Saudi Arabia. I think their culture sucks. But we cant lower ourselves to worse than those we are accusing of not being like.

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