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  • joe_mil1 joe_mil1 Jan 12, 2009 4:50 PM Flag

    OT: anti-military remarks

    Tim & tdruby,
    Don't get upset with this murderburger and his hippie ideals.
    "The last war that the majority of American soldiers honorably served in was WWII"
    I'm proud to have served in OIF 05-06 and nobody will take that away from me. Same with Vietnam and other foreign wars, without them we wouldn't had been a World supremacy just like we are today.
    Nobody who has not served has the right to talk down to the forces.
    That's why the country of Israel makes that every person with no disability to serve the first two years after they get out of high school. Such service makes boys act like men having a much better perception of reality.

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    • tdruby Jan 12, 2009 5:21 PM Flag

      joe-mil1 Thanks so much for your heart felt support.. God I hate old hippies.

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      • Fighting for your country & belief is an incredibly noble & courageous. I though do NOT believe they should draft. No everyone is meant for the service. No one should go anywhere against their will. The Draft is just that. I hope it never comes back.

      • back to the name calling. Typical of your generation.

        Look, you have two choices. Feel good about your service or not. If I served I'd feel good about my choice since I choose that.

        But remove yourself from all of this. Do you think the boys who died in Vietnam because Americans flew half way around the world to stop them from being Communists or not would rather be alive or dead?

        Better dead than red.
        Current propaganda is this.
        The Price of Freedom
        Support our troops.
        Service to ones country.

        But no where does this propaganda ask, jesh, the guy you just killed did he have a say in which political or religious problem or was he just born to it?

        How bad is communism? You patriot Vietnam Vets are buying Commie made stuff everyday at Costco and yet you killed in the name of anit communism. Hypocrites.

        You anti muslim folks, you buy oil, you drive Hummers, damn, but you want to kill em. How about not doing business with them instead?

        Pretty simple and less costly for you and your souls.

        But you'd rather be thought of as heroes or patriots.. Bet that really doesnt matter to the mother who lost her son to your "bravery"

        Old hippies? No, but if you want to throw me into that group, I am honored.

        Some of you have responded to this thread with you dont believe in the draft. I do. You want to really have a war. Bring it home to the tax payers and their children. Poker.. You guys cant take the heat when your own kid is on the line. Stand up for your beliefs. If the war is just, put your child on the line. If not, you really cant call American soldiers brave, they are just paid mercenaries, devoid of anything but a desire to kill. (suck on that thought)

    • That's bullshit

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