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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 7:18 PM Flag

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    • "by the way". i spent almost all my aetna time in
      the old group division, on the east coast between the
      late 60's and mid-90's when i retired. my only
      connection to mt snow was an occasional lift

      looks like a lot of people lost messages. yahoo
      sometimes does that.

    • These guys have a pretty unique idea. They poll
      investors to predict stock performance and their results
      have been pretty good. They polled on AET today. Rated
      them a hold. worth a look

    • not my initials. i worked on east coast. my only tie to mt snow was an occasional lift ticket.

    • are those your initials? Knew a Bruce, who last I knew was in the SF area. He had ties to Mt Snow. (this is the 3rd time I'm sending this and for some reason, the first 2 didn't go through.)

    • now it`s your turn. The company is called LASON
      stock symbol is (LSON) recently beaten up stock that is
      coming out with earnings on march 6, If you like it BUY
      IT. If not move on but do check it out. Happy

    • $15 and EPS for 2000 over $5. At These levels AET
      is the best bargain in town. Forget about the gloom
      and doom people. Any hint of inflation or slow down
      in economy will make the health sector very
      attractive. Health sector will benefit after economic data is
      out later this week. Smart money already positioned
      itself to take advantage of the most undervalued stock
      in health care sector that is AET.

    • about the panic and manipualtion methods, but
      they ain't getting any of MY shares...I'll be damned
      if I'm selling into this nonsense. However, I'm not
      sure that all of the big boys are just whistling a
      happy tune while they trade among themselves at our
      expense. My understanding is that approx.85% of shares are
      currently held by institutions, some of which have to had
      taken a massive whipping from held positions. They
      might prove the catalyst for some major changes in
      AET's future strategies. I still think that it will
      take something like that to occur for this issue to
      get out of it's hole rather that someone "seeing the
      light" as to what a great bargain it is at these

    • <EOM>

    • The big boys have to be laughing their collective
      a**es off that they are actually able to pull off buys
      of AET in the $38 per share range. More likely
      however, is that they are no longer amazed at the results
      they can achieve by instilling panic into the small
      investor. By siphoning shares of a quality company like AET
      from smaller investors at such an abusrd price, the
      big boys are only repeating a phenomena that has
      fattened their wallets for years. They can afford to keep
      AET down, stuff their ports full of AET at these
      levels by buying your shares and then bask in the run-up
      after the frustrated little guy sold his AET in search
      of a high-flying tech stock. AET only has 120+
      million shares in its float, so much of the trading since
      the big decline has just been the big boys buying and
      selling to themselves to drive the price lower so as to
      churn even more shares out of the little guys who are
      still holding on. When they are through, AET will
      bounce faster than you think.

    • frank302_forbes_for_prez frank302_forbes_for_prez Feb 14, 2000 8:15 PM Flag

      Per 2/8/00's earnings release for 4Q99:

      another $500 mill or so of stock buyback to go; 10 mill
      shs bought back in the past year
      - about 146 mill
      shs o/s
      - $1.18/sh in earnings
      - still
      digesting the Prudential HealthCare purchase
      - AET
      closed at $39 today; from $100 4 months ago. what a

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