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  • dmm29_dmm29 dmm29_dmm29 Oct 20, 2009 6:53 AM Flag

    Premium increase 25% on 2m notice

    Received a 2-month advance notice from Aetna increasing my premium and my daughter's by 25%, citing their increased expenses.

    If the firm's expenses have really increased by 25% then there's a COO that needs to be benched.

    Healthcare reform cannot come too soon.

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    • May we ask - Do you buy a individual policy thru Aetna or is this part of a corporate/group plan. Unlike the Blues, Aetna does not sell many purely individual policies. Aetna tends to sell group policies. Sometimes a group may have had costly illness that could not be anticipated. Therefore insurable risk has increased and those expenses must be met.

    • The insurance is Aetna, and the cost was so high due to 4 NC hospitals doing unnecessary CYA tests. Tests that if there were tort reform would not have been necessary.

    • Cleveland Clinic is an excellent facility. Thank your employer/union or insurance broker for making sure you did'nt have a lifetime cap

    • so how many more 25% increases can you take before you can't afford healthcare? I'm experiencing the same problem can only downsize your plan so much. I'm not sure if a goverment plan is the answer but the current system is crap.

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      • "so how many more 25% increases can you take"

        I agree with you--but you overlook the point of my earlier post.

        Insurance is expensive and its cost is increasing because the medical care is expensive and its cost is increasing.

        Meanwhile, there is nothing in any of the current Congress "plans" that addresses the COST of MEDICAL CARE. Instead they waste their time-and ours -constructing clever ways of subsidizing that cost at taxpayer expense.

      • I agree current system has flaws but forcing something on hundreds of millions of people so that about 20 to 25 million more people are covered and still leaves about 25 million people uncovered is not the answer. That's right, about 25 million people are estimated to not be covered even after this govt takeover plan! Call your Congressman if you don't like it.

        Also, creating a system that promotes adverse selection and allows people to be covered even with pre existing conditions won't be cost effective for those being responsible, and rewards people to try and get away with not being covered since only penalty if you find out you have a major medical problem is to pay a small fine.

        Just like it's not insurance if you buy coverage after a car accident it won't be here either, it's just charity and rewarding bad behavior which seems to be what this bailout gov't likes.

    • "If the firm's expenses have really increased by 25% "

      Aetna is talking about its medical cost - same as any other health insurer. In fact the same is true for Medicare and Medicaid. Medical cost is the reason all these insurance programs cost so much.

      The only thing different when the government takes over, is who you will be complaining about.

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      • That's exactly right. You know the saying "you can't fight city hall." Well it's even harder trying to deal with the federal government. Just try to fix something with a Social Security office, or the VA or a government Medicare office. It's like hitting your head against the wall, and the wall had spikes. Been there done that. Private insurers can be frustrating to deal with sometimes--also done that--but just picture five times the pain and that's what we'll have with government run health care.

        Running to government run health care to fix the health system is like running to a loan shark for loans because the local bank charge too much interest. Neither makes any sense nor get us what we want.

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