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  • bawstahn bawstahn Jan 9, 1998 12:57 AM Flag

    Whiners Stop!!

    Aetna US Healthcare is a well respected industry leader. Their stock price will climb. Please people...Stop complaining about management and whining about your personal trials and tribulations. Every company goes through some growing pains after a merger.......I think Aetna US Healthcare's are just about over.

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    • I find it interesting that Sy "gee look at the time" Sternberg continually pounds on the systems and services as the reason for the harvesting of the business. He ought to know about screwed up systems departments, 4 CIOs in 6+ Years! In addition, alot of the people responsible for the systems that NYLCare currently run were given cushy high level positions in the MIS department in NY Life when NYLCare was formed.

      AUSHC investors need not worry about this because if AUSHC does it right, there are alot of gems (no pun intended) in the NYLCare universe. This purchase makes a lot of sense to AUSHC and will result in increased profits.

      Memo to Sy:
      Next time you sell a company and turn the lives of 4,000 people upside down, block out a full morning.

    • I was pretty impressed with the movie Titanic and apparently so was the Academy. After a pretty serious circle discussion with Hollywood executives and Insurance professionals, I conclude that there appear to be some similarities between the Titanic and NYLCare.

      What happened when the Titanic encountered an iceberg... What happened when NYLCare encountered a Sternberg.

      James Cameron received an Oscar for best director...
      Joe Lynaugh could have received an Oscar for best actor.

      Titanic is breaking box office records...
      NYLCare is boxing broken office records.

      Although sunk, the Titanic still has untapped treasure in its hull.
      Although sold, NYLCare still has untapped treasure (many of the hardworking employees) in its hull.

      The similarities are scary!

      Shine on NextChairman! I would like to apply for NextMarketing/AdvertisingDirector of your NextCo...

    • Okay, this is important, so I'm weighing back in. First off, my gratitude to Captain_Bugloss and NextChairman for their quick and vigorous leap to the defense of my right to a secret identity. I appreciate it VERY much.

      But, as the "aggrieved" party in this little exchange, even I have to recognize the fact that the First Amendment guarantees me the right of free speech, not the right of anonymity. In a forum like this, I would like to have a reasonable expectation of it, but, realistically, everyone takes their chances.

      I think that happyjackson has learned, the hard way, a lesson in message board etiquette. I also think it's time to declare a truce and move on.

      As I said before, this board, viewed (let me remind everyone) by MANY other people than NYLCare employees, has as its primary purpose a discussion about whether or not Aetna is a sound investment. I think we should stick to that.

      Thanks again, guys.

    • You don't get it do you? You know everyone in the company is looking at this board and you still put someone's name out here. That is simply wrong.

    • As a West Coast employee benefits broker...I feel bad for all of your NYLCare employees. My advice is to start looking for new jobs....Aetna's operations are a revolving door. On both the sales and management side. It must be nice to be so big and have such a lack of leadership...and still make money.
      As a person evaluating Aetna...I'd agree with the chairman...I have three divisions +++ Life, Health and Retirement. Life is on the blocks...Health is in turmoil and we're making a fortune as asset managers on the retirement do we use health as a loss leader for retirement?
      And use the employee benefits side to sell a little LTD, LTC, Dental and group life?
      That's the doubt about it. In fact..look for another consolidation play if Aetna sells the individual life....UNUM makes a great target and offers great distribution.
      As far as this message board and all the NYLCare folks...I feel badly for you. Get those resume's out or start your own HMO.
      As far as Aetna as a stock...I don't view it as a growth play...especially in this sector...United Health is the clear leader and the rest are imitators.
      I don't mean to sound pessimistic...but I saw the Aetna chair on Cavuto and he couldn't even pronounce managed care...but he had a gleam in his eye discussing the retirement (401 and 403) pieces...

    • Hello Everyone,

      It is so nice to see my old friends communicating so freely. Hello Cate, Allen, David, Marian, Richard et al. Please say hello to Mitch and the rest of the gang.

      There is life after NYLcare. Take it for what it was; an education!

      Take Care

    • CK,

      You were never threatened, although you did your fair share of "bashing" others, etc. I did not realize that you have the authority to speak for NYLCare's executives (see your message #87) on a variety of issues.

      In any case, this will be my last posting, out of respect to NextChairman, who obviously knows MY identity.

      By the way, I was not beaten up in high school. In college? Well, that's another story... Also Capt. Bugloss, you should also act like an adult, since you really aren't 12 years old.

    • I hope someone posts your real identity out here. Did you get beatup alot in high school HJ? You truly are a sad person.

    • This is getting out of hand, kids. Perhaps the statement to which mr. jackson took such umbrage was not the most it a high estrogen day. For that, I apologise. Nevertheless, it was a comment about NYLCare and its workings.

      That, and how Aetna and its stock performs, are the purpose of this message board. Indulging in the sort of petty infighting and vituperation with which we've gotten involved clearly goes to illustrate the point that, in many ways, NYLCare is a company with problems.

      I say we stop airing our dirty linen for the investing world to see and start acting like adults. For that reason, you will see no more posts from me, unless I actually have something positive or important to say.

      Take a final shot, Hap, if you feel the need, but please, try not to threaten me again. CK

    • Happyjackson,

      I figured things would eventually come down to this... (i.e., someone restricting freedom of speech by exposing identities, etc.). I too, have done my homework by tracking down identities as well, although I still believe in the first amendment.

      Thus, since the postings have echoed the sentiments of NYLCare employees and ALL statements have been true, I fully believe that all posters deserve to retain their respective confidentialities.

      Now I ask myself admist the confusion, "should I identify you?" Do you think I am bluffing? Do ya punk? Your name is synonymous with "Horse Hanging." Give this thought since you will understand why I used "Horse Hanging" to prove to you that I know who you are. Go ahead, make my day!

      I ask that you watch your words in future postings, since I will identify you, as you did second_gunman. If this occurs, I don't think the 7th or 11th floor boys clubs will be too happy.

      La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, Villa Alegre!!

      PS - To Joe Lynaugh's wife, who I would imagine to be a nice person: Joe told all NYLCare employees last week that you read these postings. Please understand most postings are probably meant to convey the truth about NYLCare's inadequate management, not embarrass you.

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