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  • C78596998785 C78596998785 Oct 29, 1998 4:10 PM Flag

    Promising action

    Nice move today... Good volume although the price
    moved quite abit on low volume this morning... the
    overall acction through the day supported the move... I
    find this especially encouraging since we are just
    before earnings when one of several things normally
    1. weak action / price stable --- nothing really
    2. strong action / price decline --- bad news
    coming, small holders get creamed
    3. strong action /
    price increasing --- ???????

    This is looking
    like number three, hoping the next few days confirm
    the action today... yesterday there was no volume at
    all, today made up for it... I'd like to see the
    volume maintain for the next few days (wouldn't mind the
    price going up either)...
    Looks as if some good news
    could bring the sector back in the limelight, several
    post ago I referred to IBD's comments regarding
    this.... hope its true, as much as I have backed away from
    stock in general, I am still overwieghted in the
    healthcare sector from a total asset perspective...

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    • With a rise like we had today, it's tempting to
      guess if the stock will fall on the actual earnings
      news when it is released. Any thoughts on whether that
      is worth consideration, and how to see signs of that
      before it happens?

      I know, the best advice is to
      buy and hold, but it's always fun (and sometimes
      profitable) to try and outguess the market.

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      • The closing numbers were a real pleasent
        suprize..... Strength going into earnings with volume tells me
        that those that have a better clue into those earnings
        (a good financial analysts can pretty much tell with
        alot of work, or inside info) If the volume trend
        holds, I guess that those in the know are buying now...
        if volume folds up I'd be cautious... but I didn't
        sell yesterday and I believe that those that buy and
        hold.... lose
        This stock is a great example yet from a
        daytrading persective I have substantially improved my
        position... I'm fighting the urge to take short term profits
        here but will slowly sell into additional positive
        price action at the resistance points... (I do have a
        core holding that I don't touch).

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