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  • C78596998785 C78596998785 Apr 9, 1999 10:20 AM Flag

    Now we are getting somewhere!

    Aetna had every opportunity to own the
    industry... but the real problems started with Compton.... He
    began by treating the employees like liabilities... I
    speak from experience I worked there for 18 years... I
    saw small raises, because others weren't being
    compensated as highly (I'd thought that my past compensation
    was based on performance not what they paid others).
    That was followed up by quarterly meetings where the
    unit as a whole was repeatably told, "you think you
    can do better, then leave... you're lucky to have a
    job". I don't care if management thinks that way, but
    don't rub it in my face...
    I chose to leave, as did
    many of the best... and they were right
    you can do
    better... Unfortunately the same message seems to be
    directed at the customers now... You need customers to
    succeed and buying them back as they leave is the wrong
    way to grow the ranks... Huber has done some work
    turning around the employee situation, but his recent
    blunder with the CA case was a step in the wrong
    direction (he recognized that at least)...
    Based on
    earnings the price of the stock seems about right in a
    market where almost everything seems overpriced...

    As I have said before, the opportunity in this stock
    is in trading... I bought back my July 70 puts
    monday for 1 5/8's having sold them at $4.... and sold
    off a good bit of my stock at 82+ thru 84 5/16....
    started buying back at 80 and change... but not with the
    intention of holding... good luck

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