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  • Dan_JW Dan_JW Feb 25, 2000 5:12 PM Flag

    Back in

    Bought some today after the announcement. Used to
    hold AET a few yrs ago. Seems to me that the new CEO
    is a big name with many, many connections on the
    street. Sure, it's always smart to assume that when
    someone from the BOD takes over it's temporary (He's
    already older than AET's mandatory retirement age!). I
    think (and this is not based on any inside knowledge)
    some pieces of AET will be sold off soon and someone
    who knows how to run whatever remains of the biz
    after that will be appointed CEO.

    AET's book
    value is over $75/shr. Tell me there aren't some good
    deals possible for pieces of this co when you've got a
    guy this well networked at the top!

    This may
    not be the best news for employees (What news at AET
    has been for the past 5-6 yrs?), but with the
    emphasis on improving shareholder value, I think this is a
    no-brainer for the short term (6 mo-1yr).

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    • Shorts have freedom of speech, so they
      entitled to express their views on this board.
      and disGRUNTled employees.
      Obviously, Aetna is
      working on going in a new
      Captzorro, I love you guys.
      Keep the faith, baby!
      on AET.

    • this upheaval. If someone has made a bad
      reputation foe himself by mistreating patients, doctors,
      etc. They should seek another line of business. AET is
      to become a Health & Wealth company. This means they
      will be taking care of the health and wealth of all
      those who associate with AET which included the
      shareholders. Word from Mr. Donaldson. Everthing is open for

    • This is only a first and interim step.
      really be surprised if the BOD initiated this action.
      Seems like they were caught off guard and Donaldson had
      to step in or they would be without leadership until
      they found someone. Easier to do a search under these
      circumstances than without someone at the helm.
      The next
      steps have to include getting rid of Huber's people,
      which may include many of the old USHC people. Then,
      the BOD must come alive (if they are
      Bottom line, the rise in the stock price will be a slow
      one, the next jump occuring when substantive changes
      are made, which could take months.
      I cautiously
      say this is a good first start, but not enough for me
      to commit $$$ in the stock. Hope I'm wrong.
      As to
      Benanav, give me a break.

    • I called into the media conference call. Nobody
      stopped me from listening in, but I was late and only
      caught the last minute or 2.

      Huber resigned from
      the board as well as CEO, No answers yet(I think its
      too early to expect any)but Donaldson repeatedly said
      he is going to be looking at everything from
      strategic direction to day to day ops. Did anybody catch
      the beginning of the call, or will we all have to
      wait until tomorrows papers? (or maybe a CNBC update)

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