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  • carreraman2002 carreraman2002 Jul 20, 2003 9:21 PM Flag

    Just Wondering/For Paul

    It's good to see someone mention Doral Financial. I started buying at $27 and still
    have it. What a great company and super
    earnings record. I'll look into pfi and sfbi.
    Thanks. Are you familiar with iStar Financial?
    Symbol is SFI. Has been great for me with a
    7% dividend. Good luck.

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    • <<< Are you familiar with iStar Financial? >>>

      For carrera - No, I was not and looked at it. They have an interesting and informative website. I have recently added some REIT's and will consider this mortgage-related REIT. They appear to have a good niche and are well-run.

      Niche is important. That is one of the attractions of CCBI, which just broke $20 per share. If it closes above $20 today, that will be an important milestone.

      Thanks PVBud for the comments about AT. I just purchased it recently due to the tax law changes. In fact, I wish I had waited for the current pullback. I have come close to my stop loss point. Dividend paying stocks are suddenly more attractive. I will look at the AYZ issue. Have to find out if it is a preferred or minibond and what the terms of redemption and other details are on it. And then the question about whether it qualifies for the reduced tax rules.

      Meanwhile, what a great investment this company has been. Btw, the way I found this company was by screening all of the companies presenting at the

      • 1 Reply to paul_c85
      • fill in the blank - Roth Capital Partners Conference earlier this year. I have been invested for some time in another small company that presented there and thought that it might be a good way to find some more good ideas - bingo. There were four or five that cropped up on my technical screens. I was stopped out of one of them, unfortunately, but loss prevention is important.

    • Thanks for your post to Paul.

      In a different industry, AT has provided increased annual dividends, plus growth, for more than 30 years. The price of their stock is depressed, returning in the neighborhood of 7 percent. The company is solid.
      Good wishes and good investing.