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  • crdurbin1 crdurbin1 Dec 23, 2002 10:53 AM Flag

    Okay, explain this...

    Well I really really really hope that DOESN'T happen. I'm holding out for $22.

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    • There is some risk, like a previous poster said.

      Congrats to most. I've been long the stock for approx. 7 years with a cost a little lower than here. So, I did make some + divis, etc.

      I hate to see it go. I thought it'd be worth more. I did have my chance. I could have sold it up around 40. Is it a lesson learned? Who knows. Shoulda coulda.

      If there is a 22/offer on the table, why hold out for that extra 1+. If you bought it considerably lower, why be piggy? It is always ok to leave a bit on the table.

      Merry Christmas to the longs who bought it recently.

      Too bad....I almost hate to see it go. Now I have to find something else.

    • I have no doubt the deal will go through, since they're not really competitors in the usual sense of the word; each has its license from Coke for exclusive bottling rights in certain geographic areas, a true competitor would be Pepsi or other different brands..

      it's more a question of how long it will take to get the $22, maybe for many people if it takes a year a 6% annualized return from these levels is not enough..

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      • quote from NYT article

        "KOF executives said they expected the deal to close in three to four months and said they did not expect problems getting approval for the merger from government regulators.

        ``Basically we need to go through some of the antitrust regulations in each of the countries, and we don't foresee any problem in that...given that at the end of the day we are not buying a competitor or increasing our competitive strength in a specific territory,'' Jose Antonio Fernandez, chair of Femsa and KOF, said in a conference call with investors and analysts. ``It's buying a totally new geographic area.''

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