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  • bobby_boucher_wny bobby_boucher_wny Jul 23, 2010 10:33 AM Flag

    Why is this board so anti-gov't....

    the gov't didnt make you buy this stock....when the markets down just take your loses and move on. Everyone here blames the gov't, manipulation, and conspiracy theories but no one ever blames themselves for some bad investing or bad timing.

    Bobby Booshay

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    • Is that the same government that just passed that welfare bill for the unemployed, but cleverly called it "extended unemployment benefits"??

      Think maybe this government should have, INSTEAD, offered tax credits for small business to retain, hire, and retrain these workers?

      Rule #1 in getting out of recession is DON'T RAISE TAXES!!


      Rule #3 See Rule #1


    • I don't watch television.

    • The problem is society is breeding stupid people. So the dumb will vote dumb. Just look at television....not that its the source of knowledge, but with the evolution of some of these channels (history/discovery/natgeo channel) there are some really educational shows....but with the popularity of "reality tv", it shows what is really important to the population. No one really wants to know what is truly goin on with our country, they just want free/cheap stuff....Apple is the new guage to our economy....

    • The current administration is doing a good job. We were headed for ruin and they staved that off. Can they return us to our former economic glory will be seen.

    • Barry has turned this country ANTI-GUBMENT!!!

    • Most boards are anti-gov. The market is now fixed. So let me ask you, the pres/senate/house makes the laws of the land. The house is in charge of creating currency, but created the fed to do this. But the fed charges interest to the US gov to borrow money (why should we be charged when we created it). So we havew to pay interest to the fed, but where does these profits go and who owns the fed? Banks like GS and JPM? and the fed gives these banks tarp money at no cost when they didnt even need it, but had to take it just so they didnt make the other banks look bad. So they take this money in the market free fall, and buy stocks, and turn around and sell them months later for major profits. The fed could have given me billions of money and I would have bought up the markets and I would have been willing for them to charge me interest....anyway, so between this threesome (gov/fed/banks) they have unlimited ammo to do whatever they want. So how are we supposed to honestly invest in the market, when you have this sort of BS going on. The markets are making no sense, as seen in the last few weeks. You cant say that earnings are great, because the companies just refied their debt at record low interest, cut employees and streemlined thier business, and liquidated inventory to maximize profits. They balance their budget to the max. So, what is the next step? it has to be the consumer, but with no jobs for all the unemployed, the consumer is dead. You have alot of retired persons taking the census jobs, but now that its over, they can get unemployment $$$. But they were retired? With technology improving, you need less human workers, but the population continues to grow. How can you create jobs for all these people.

      Its only getting worse

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      • At the core of it all is a decades move into "free markets," which is just a euphemism for cheap labor from overseas. The government, on the corporate payroll through K Street, has allowed corporate lawyers to author the very legislation they present on the floor, that represents their narrow interests of increased profit, greed, to hell with the working American. (It's so stupid, as who's going to forever consume the junk they're importing? But greed blinds.) Corporations control everything, and their interest is cheap labor, to maximize profits. This being the case, there is no turning on a dime to change the economy or the government, something which has taken decades to come home to roost having no easy fix, period. Harder times are truly coming. Anybody who believes the situation isn't dire and very serious is living on another planet, or simply programmed by talking heads to parrot the drivel they shovel into the minds of dumbed down consumers and political hacks, who are told what to think and believe. They really have you all, right down to your politics, squabbling amongst yourselves, right on key with the propaganda. While you’re having gas pains over the left or the right, they’re looting you and your government front, back, and center, can even get you to vote for them and against your own interest.

      • With all the money that has been spent by the Obama administrationyou could of given all the reported unemployed over 400,000 dollars.

    • Bobby-It is kind of hard to respond to you because you think everything that is happening right now is normal. At this point Obama will do anything to preserve his base. After that you will see what has been done to our country..
      There are some trying to inform you of things to come, but you do not want to believe it as many others in your circle-it won't take much longer..

    • Because we aren't stupid lemmings.

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