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  • buffetwarren36 buffetwarren36 Oct 5, 2010 11:20 AM Flag

    Mortgage Meltdown!!!

    Obviously no big deal???

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    • No big deal? It will only screw the shorts with more fraud. If you take the billions of dollars out of the spending that would go to pay the mortgage, then spending would probably go negative. More lies and real bad news to hide. In America, the honest taxpaying mortgage paying citizens get screwed, while the irresponsible get rewarded. Add on that wall street that caused this mess will now benefit and the attorneys at the expense of the honest. America is offically a dead country. Our founding fathers fought and died for the greedy criminals that run our country today. I know someone that hasn't paid their mortgage in over two years and is still in the house!! The worst part they brag about it while I get so angry because I am doing the right thing and getting penalized. What messages to send our children. Greed at all expenses. At least in the movies, the bad guys lose, buy here in real America, they seem to win all the time.

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