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  • keeping_trading_simple keeping_trading_simple Jan 9, 2012 11:45 AM Flag

    What else is there to say?


    Be long and be happy (eom)

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    • the market can't move higher. it can only go down. how can the market go up when the world is about to end? there are no stocks to make money on. keep buying TZA hoping it will go up one day. i have faith. i will buy TZA on every dip no matter what. it can't go any lower. only stocks are going up but the market will collapse any day now even if i have been waiting 3 years for it to happen.

    • Yes, great idea Scott. I think you are missing the point. It's about risk/reward. You find good stocks but sometimes the timing is off. That makes it risky. You will have a much higher percentage of winners if you look at the volume along with your breakouts. Just take a look at your past trades and see what I mean. Nothing wrong with trying to be a better trader. I'm not bashing. Just trying to help with making more winners. Another example is REE. You can also look at DNDN. Or ITMN. I am in all of those by the way. Also, WTW as well.

    • Scott, if you look at the daily on NFLX you would see exactly what I mean. The correct entry would have been on 1/4. It may have worked this time to be early, but the chances of failure are much greater without a surge in volume. The chances of failure on breakouts are much higher when you do not have the volume surge. It worked this time. Congrats. I would not be overly confident in the pick as there was an element of luck involved. If you take a look at the history of your picks, check to see if the ones that failed had a surge in volume or not. You will be surprised.

    • doesn't look like it to me. when a stock breaks out, you need a volume surge for confirmation. the chances of a breakout failing is much higher without the volume behind it.

    • is that you scott? new name again?

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