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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Mar 28, 2012 11:07 AM Flag

    The Hire a Vet P.R. "Promotion"

    underway. All of a sudden Corporate America wants to look sooooo interested in the returning vets. The reality? There have been over1 MILLION vets who have been unable to get a job. NOW,corporate execs are going to "wave the flag" in an attempt to look patriotic. Disgraceful display.
    The unfortunate hard truth about these vets is that the vast majority of them are from lower economic and lower educational backgrounds. Their skills are very diminished. Nobody wants to acknowledge that fact. But it is the cruel reality. We have a volunteer arms service complex. Who joins the military? Those who have few other options. Another sad reality. What are the vast majority qualified to do in the world back home. One pompous arse of an HR person stated yesterday - "we have openings in Security guard positions" Yeh,that's a high paying position. Shameful.
    I wonder if CNBC will do a follow-up and give very specific accounting of how many vets are hired and to what sprcific jobs and compensation. Not likely.

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    • Weren't most of the folks who served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the National Guard? They would have a variety of job skill sets.

    • We could probably use their skills as border patrol agents since we need to increase boarder patrol....IMO. Also, there has got to be construction jobs to improve our infrastructure accross the country.....also in the energy North Dakota.......if someone is willing to relocate and work hard.....there are probably respectable jobs out there for our vets when they come home. Vets should get some preferrential treatment provided they can qualify for the jobs available.....IMO

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