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Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X ETF Message Board

  • candb01 candb01 Apr 5, 2012 3:50 PM Flag

    market will reverse next week into earings season

    tza will back down to this week's low, or all time low. this market will repeat what you you have seen last many many months. correction is done at today's resistence, plus the gravidy that tza always has hard time into earnings season. my own bet. ready to jump into tna for next week's reversal trend and momentum., plus jump into gold!

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    • as said, waiting till after tues. ugly job# will knock market down monday and or tues, then see where it goes afterwards, ready to buy tna in tues's low.

      tries, still holding your csiq into $2s from $33s. good boy with such greatest pumping!

    • fslr, good timing to get in, earn up to 50c profit, greedy, then forced out at 2c loss. as said, never buy and hold any solars till real bottom is near.

      hold my small dgl for next week's pop.

      geez, again tza loves thurs, friday typically bad for tza, not holiday 2moro, ok, the game restarts into earnings season, tza back to where it was a few days ago. love this game, hard? yes! easy, yes too as this market is always stupid to repeat its history. AHA. greed kills with my fslr (even out at almost even, 2c is nothing)

    • A few months ago one could have closed her eyes,press the tna button at the open ,& sell at market close every day with a nice profit.One could have even held tna for a few months and cleaned house.The sentiment has changed, despite decent numbers.Also pog was up nicely while gold miners took a huge hit today.The best gold stocks have hit 52 week lows.Is this telling us that some kind of implosion in Europe is ahead? From this point on, going long real stocks for quick day trades could be dangerous. This is a very difficult trading environment if you are a real trader.There is a serious lack of direction,conviction,and momentum.Its easy to get injured going long,as occurred today in the miners and industrials.This is definitely not the time to roll the long dice haphazardly. Do you know what I mean sweety !

    • cano1, I thought of buying some fslr and hold for long, but reluctant, pls advise. thx in advance

    • can01, is fslr a buy now

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