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  • lkapetti lkapetti Aug 25, 2012 2:16 PM Flag


    Gees; It's beginning to sound like the Last thing you want to do in an emergency would be to call the cops!

    A woman who called the police last week in CA was shot in the arm by the police she called. Now two NYPD cops unload 16 bullets just a few feet away from their target, only hit thier target three times and wounded nine other people. Bullets must have been flying everywhere!!

    Really calls into question the training that police officers receive before they are issued fire arms.

    Gettin' really scary in the big cities.


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    • Well lets see how accurate and careful you are when a murderer points a gun at you...

      not trying to be confrontational but the event lasted like 20 seconds and I would think that in the heat of the moment you dont have all the time in the world to figure it out. Cops don't want to die either. they have families and loved ones who also depend on them.
      it was just a crazy scenario.
      watch the video if you are very curious about how it unfolded.

    • More than 2,000 people died in Police Custody in 2011 in America.

    • So you would be totally under control if someone pulled a gun on you..Its not the movies out there, its real life and until your in the same situation, i dont think you know what your talking about!!!

    • He's asking Jesus "Who are you?", that link doesn't tell it.
      "I spit out like a sewer hole yet still receive Your kiss.
      How can I measure up to anyone else after such a love as this?"

    • One last post about this - trivia - fool your friends.
      Where did rock 'n roll come from?
      A Cleveland DJ named Alan Freed, that's why they put the HOF in Cleveland.
      It came from the negroes' music, stolen by the whites, Beach Boys, Elvis Presley.
      Do you know what it symbolizes?
      A hard one and a soft place to put it, ha ha, devil music, evil, banned from many radio stations.
      "Let's spend the night together" by the Stones who copied Muddy Waters was changed to "time together" before Ed Sullivan would let them play it on his show, and on radio until much later, after the sexual revolution begun by Hefner, the Pill, the free love era of the sixties.
      I was 12 when I discovered Jimi Hendrix and I have not been the same since.
      In the beginning Elvis was only shown from the belt up.
      Hilarious by today's standards.

    • Most everything you need to know is in the rock music evolved from blues, jazz, boogie woogie, now morphed into mega-crossover music, all mixed up and unpure.
      rap, hip hop, noise
      Who Are You
      Many have no idea what it's really saying, what it's all about

    • MachoKid, you claim to be a young student.
      I do hope you read the 6 chapters by Woody Brock.
      You'll know more than anyone else your age, and more than most people 30 yrs. your senior.
      Don't read quantity, rather quality.
      Don't get overloaded by useless info, shameless twisting of data. Always follow the money trail which usually leads to the truth.
      Stay skeptical, seek truths, true wisdom.
      Keep it simple.
      Remember that researchers love their jobs and their "findings" support those who paid for the research.
      All things in moderation, All food is good for us, in moderation.
      Turn off the TV sometimes.
      Study history.
      You'll end up happy, rich, confident.
      Wisdom brings true riches, money does not. Money is merely a necessary tool.
      Travel, gain perspective, think.
      What is real?
      What has value?
      Money does not buy happiness or love.
      Neither does poverty.
      Eat raw garlic, spanish onions, hot peppers - mix with other foods if necessary to make palatable.
      I watched Cadillac Records tonight - the slaves gave us great music when they got sophisticated instruments, things I already knew.
      Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Etta Wilson.
      Classic jazz - hundreds of artists - you'll dig it.

    • Monk is Syrian, Tony Shalhoub, my FAV Actor! I have seen every Monk 3 times, every Big bang theory 4 times, still funny.
      You should see Tony's wife!
      Former WWW ring model, 30 yrs his junior and she loves him for his giant brain, not his money.
      Steve Jobs was half-Syrian.
      All geniuses, ya know.
      They invented most things we take for granted now.
      Damascus oldest continuously inhabited city on earth, over 8,000 years, now being bombed. Sad.
      I spent 9 days there, very cool place.
      old & new all mixed in.
      Houses built in 1200 AD, modernized, lovely.

    • Do you watch "Monk", Uncle Tonoos? It's hilarious! I like "The Mentalist" also.

      I also watch Restaurant Impossible, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, Hotel Hell etc

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