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Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X ETF Message Board

  • treasonbank treasonbank Feb 12, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    couldnt catch a break, sold 100% of my holdings at 10.5 damn BERSNAKE!!!!

    4,500 shares all the money i had..and i am a good trader..watching this every minute and improving my position but it's too damn manipulated!!!! lost $100K from bernnake now i am down to just 60K...there goes mty retirement.. u call this good for americans???

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    • Canned Message Number 22 for you! You think the Federal Reserve Gives a Rats butt about you or any American?

      Thank you for your most recent correspondence in which you expressed your concerns
      about the effects of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy actions on those citizens
      who rely on the interest from their savings to supplement their retirement income.

      Please know that the Federal Reserve's monetary policy actions are not aimed at
      hurting senior citizens or any sector of the population. While the Federal Reserve's
      policy decisions have important implications for short term interest rates, there
      are many factors that determine the levels of market rates, including the current
      overall demand for funds, the expectations that people have about the future
      direction of the economy, and the likely trend for inflation.

      The Federal Open Market Committee does #$%$ the impact that changes in interest
      rates will have on particular sectors of the economy, and it is true that those on a
      fixed income can be adversely affected as rates decline as others do when the level
      of interest rates rises, for example, those with mortgage loans. The goal of
      monetary policy, however, is to foster conditions conducive to sustaining sound,
      noninflationary economic growth over time and policymakers must make decisions that
      provide the greatest benefit to the economy overall.

      Your loss was a benefit to to the richest Americans like me. Thanks

    • lusob09 Feb 12, 2013 11:50 PM Flag

      On 9/12/2012, why were you betting against the GOLDEN CROSS? SPY was above its 10 ma.

      On 10/9/2012, your betting against Earnings Season? Why?

      On 11/12 and 12/12, you betting against the hottest months of the year? Why?

      On 11/26 didn't you see the GOLDEN CROSS forming? After SPY fell below its 50 ma?

      On Jan 12, your betting against earnings season again.

      Don't you know how to read the charts? Or do you rely on the media and shorts what to do?

      When you were losing your first $5k, $10k and as the loss grew to $20k didn't you ask your ask yourself #$%$ is happening?

      Why are you losing? Could it be that maybe your betting against the bullish trend?

      Why are you betting against the Bull Market, it hasn't fallen below its 200 ma?

      That's why the more you listen to stupid shorts who don't post their trade real time, don't have a clue what their doing and post nonsense and disinformation, the more you rely on the bad news to trade instead of trading the chart; the more you lose. Sorry about your loss. I hope you get back your money and trade better.

    • shawnsmith5100 Feb 12, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

      Dude, listen to Bob Brinker's radio program, or subscribe to his newsletter. When he gives a sell signal, that will be the time to buy TZA. I have a gut feeling that Brinker is going to nail this top.

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      • hahaha, how do you feel now? he nailed the top of the Qs back in 2000 when he told his subscribers to buy them at $83, LOL!!!!!!! What a POS, it would be hard to make a call as awful as that.

        The most masterful thing Bob did was run & hide from that call for 12 1/2 years now. Hypocritical #$%$ is what he is, now you know the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • if you're a good trader, you'd have a stop loss.......

    • didn't u know that the goal is SPX 1525 at least? so why buy TZA early? If SPX 1525 breaks, we are looking at 1530-50......

    • the fewer the shorts the better the odds

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      • this manipulation never before seen in the history of the planet. if we just had more volatility, some decent minus 1% days once in a while and even if market goes up another 100% i wud still win since i trade up ad down so much but when tza falls 2-3% so many days and can barely make it back up 1 percent or so intraday then falls...this is unreal. i demonstrate how i cud go long when stocks fell in 2008...doubling one account in just 4 months making trade after trade....i gave up cuz i felt unfair to make money this way and only got back in cuz damn berSNANKE took away my bank interest. i know market so overpriced relative to PE ratios in bad economy..i am a stock writer and know the data.

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