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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 Apr 22, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    Don't You Just Loooooove "Coctadoodle" and ...

    pearls of wisdom? Everybody is a "sucker" but him.Nobody knows "nuthin" but him. He has such a warm and fuzzy persona about him though. Don't you think?? Can't you just die waiting for him to restart his "I Know Everything" Investment Seminars? And to think us poor,uninformed "suckers" get aaaaaaaaal his input for free now!! Is he the best,or what?? :):0

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    • Not only do you believe everything you see on TV, you also lack basic reading comprehension. I've said repeatedly that no one knows for sure where the market is going, and anyone who claims to, is a liar. The reason I poke fun at you is due to your foam at the mouth, cultish belief in the bear thesis. Sure sign of a weak investor or some kid on their mom's laptop.

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      • LOL "on my Mommy's laptop"?? Funny stuff. Everybody's a "youngin" to you. The Master of the Universe" Syndrone I like to call it. Everybody is a "cultist" who documents his or her viewpoint with reasonabkly documentation. And anybody who can do so is dismissed as a "foam at the mouth sucker". Always "a weak investor" or "some kid" to explain away your status as all omnipotent.Remember,someone who calls someone a "sucker" as you like to do is the ultimate "sucker" I love how you proclaim what I believe or someone else believes with your smug dismissives. "Not only do you believe v...." Always proclaiming what you think you know. Why don't you chang your Id to "Nostradamus". Might suit you better. ?)?)

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