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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 May 7, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    Just How Insecure and Frustrated with Himself is this "dkshps"?/

    All day,every day he spends his entire day ranting out at everyone who dares defy his omnipotent wisdom. Soooooo happy to see someone else get "hurt" so as he won't feel so miserable about himself. Says alot about a man's character (or lack thereof) that that is what makes him feel empowered. I suspect that this is a guy who got himself unemployed and has stayed there out of laziness and a lack of grit. Instead of being out hitting the "bricks" every morning,he spends his day blathering one liners and taunting others. And now has to move the in-laws or parents or such into the house so as to defray his living expenses. Yikes!! Shameful.
    But on he rambles blustering in virtual reality. Exclaiming his never have a loss bellowing. The world is full of guys like him. Unfortunately,we the tax payer are paying his way. And he knows it,no matter his junior high schoolyard trash talk. No matter. Each night he rolls into his cot knowing who he really is,and no amount of virtual reality bluster is going to change it. I just hope his in-laws/parents etc. have deep pockets. They're going to need them with this sad sack.

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    • Poor Alabama White Trash. Add The Trailer Park and Inbred Cousins
      Jerry Springer is just dying to get dkship family on the air. No one
      wants to hire some potbellied #$%$ loser so... here he is.

    • LOL See what I mean? The guy has the intellectual acumen of a gnat. I drive him particularly crazy.Primarily because my read on him is probably veeeery spot on. Notice he hasn't denied any of it. For his family's sake I hope he man's up and pulls himself together. Because he has this convuluded thought that THIS here is real and life is virtual. The Board gives him a sense of empowerment he can't get elsewhere. Those that lose money make him feel good and he says so. How pathetic is that. But it does scream volumes about him. Can't wait for his next retort. :):)

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