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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 May 14, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    The Myth of the Fed Taper Off Hype ..

    The latest current bull thesis being that if the Fed starts to taper off it's Market "crack" that the Market will have another huge leg up. Why?? Because aaaaaaal of that money will trickle down into the consumer's pockets etc. You know,billions,trillions and gazillions will be OURS to spe nd. So says the C.N.B.C. gOLDEN sHILL,the Tepper lad. Notice how there is one parade after another of the Super,100% long,bulls being given hours of air time in a prolonged push to get the retail sheeple into equities. Now!! Tepper,Birinyi,Paukson and of course the Oracle himself - Buffet. All being let loose with no one questioning their bull thesis' Tepper states that GS is looking for $105 for S&P earnings next year. Tepper then states that at a muliple of 13x our Market is cheap. Really?? The S&P is trading over 1600. Simple math? 13 x $105 is 1430 as a target. I guessed I missed something. O that's right a significant multiple expansion is coming.
    The deterirating global Macro data portends quite something else. China is really deteriorating. Industrial prodJuston declined again. Europe?/ Not saveable and the pros know it.
    Just listen to the taunty boys here. Tick-tock,tick-toc. Every reason the bulls exclaim that the Market is poised for the next big leg up involves a "gimmick. Either monetarily or fiscally or pushing the expanding multiple thesis. The non stop parade of the shills tells you how this ends.

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