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  • crestrider7 crestrider7 May 16, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    The Big Lie Coming Completely Unglued ..

    The Factual Facts are very clear now. The data clearly is confirming that the economy is failing - deteriorating at actually an alarming rate,Especially considering that the Fed has thrown nearly $4 TRILLION at the situation. $4 TRILLION. And not only nothing to show for it,but actually seeing a rapidly declining economic scenerio. And the bull's response?/ "Not to worry,the Fed has your back,buy,buy,buy retail,the Market's cheap) And so it goes.
    We hear this morning that "WMT is getting it'a act back together. They need some more time" Really!! Why?./ Isn't the consumer "alive and well and spending" Hey retail sales was up one tenth of one percent ( .1%) last week. Really strong -lol
    Global economies are deteriorating perceptibly now. Just keep buying the delusion.

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    • i think if you step back and realize this country is based on the what top 1-5% want, then everything is going great!

      did you think this was a democracy? it was a planned experiment to exploit consumerism for top tier gains. Now that plan is defunct, we can inflate ourselves unimaginable wealth (afterall....$100m to $200m....and gasoline for $3 to $6.....i mean, you can only burn so much gasoline in a given day.....and and extra $100m in your back pocket means its a moot point ;) )

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      • beachfoley May 16, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

        So true. Although i am an investor i.e. gambler, it is obvious to me that the big money just gets bigger. Just trying to get a small piece and bail. Gamblers i.e. investors have short memories and forget the pain of the last two major downturns, I do not. But for now it looks like the long have control and whether or not you hate the team you gotta bet the streak. RML

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