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  • stevie_b_in_hawaii stevie_b_in_hawaii Jul 30, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    DeadBeat Illinois: Unpaid Backlog Bills To Reach $22 Billion By 2018


    Welfare is the way of life for the
    idiots that choose to live there.

    Chicago to layoff over 2k teachers. Dozens of Chicago school are on the chopping
    block for closure. What a great place raise your kids. no? Shet Hole Chicago!

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    • In chicago this week .. was in Oahu last week ... lots of crime in Oahu ... lots of homeless .. most Hawaiians work 2 jobs ... stayed at Hitlon Hawaiian Village on the beach ..went on some tours of the island ... lots of poverty away from the tourists spots so if ytou are truely from Hawaii ,, I have no idea what you are comparing to .. yeah you have better weather..............but your source of income #1 Military spending .. Number 2 Tourists ........most Hawaiians work in #$%$ jobs serving meals or doing shows for tourists ,, so exactly what you talking about ?? Drive your car to North Shore ,,,, everyone knows cars will be broken into to steal whats in the car,, leave phone or wallets on beach ,, locals will steal them ......yeah ... keep up the compares,, by the way ...was born at Pearl Harbor ............Hawaii has gone down hill as well

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      • The are one more ignorant A $$ wipe. Go back to the Mainland jerk. Off. Never
        post facts just vomit.

        Hawaii has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation.
        Lowest obesity rate in the nation.
        5th lowest unemployment rate
        13th in the nation for school systems.
        Hawaii ranks highest in the nation for honest me! Alabama 2nd. Roll Tide!
        12 months of great weather
        best surf in the world
        most beautiful beach's in the world
        clean air & water
        Scenic Volcanoes
        Deep Sea Fishing
        Beautiful Hiking Trails
        Beautiful women are a dime a dozen.

        Go back to your sad sack life in jerkwater USA. I'm laughing at you, idiot!

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