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Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X ETF Message Board

  • oldcicer oldcicer Sep 3, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    OT DK

    A while back when pedophile was stalking me .. well actually jealous you mentioned put him on ignore ,, I have ,, in fact I put about 40 posters on ignore I watched idiots destroy the GNW and LVS boards and left those boards for this one ,,, because of some good posters here... I suggest you follow your own advice ,,, and that the posters who add value here do the same ,, Toonos had a good point and it was the same point as yours ,, the slime reach out and want a reaction ,,in fact pedophile changed his yahoo id just to get me to respond .. another iggy for my list was all it was .. not playing his stupid gmes....................... let it go dont respond as they are not worth the time as all they want to do is get a reaction from you ..,,, and Toonos if you read this ,, what you think of Pran and OPK as they are 2 bio's I bought recently ........ good luck guys

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    • Hi, Oldie, I'm retired with no desire to study those companies...biotechs require a lot of effort to learn.
      Not only retired but tired of stocks. I'm focused on the Browns and Red Sox lately. Everyone knows they should ignore the nimrods but some have no discipline to do that. One guy here feels compelled to spar with them, to be a msg board cop (such high honor, ha ha) he tried to pick on me when I first came here, even called me a liar, but I convinced him I'm not, and to apologize to me for his nonsense. I enjoyed smacking him around in December, 2011 right here, and I have ignored him ever since. He's one of those blokes who in his mind is never wrong about anything.

    • I guess you have no reply about your bogus buy on twitter of $MOS. As you wished, I was polite about it.
      Maybe you should be more concerned about your on posts on yahoo then giving advice to others. Its seem
      this board is full of lies and liars. Exposing them has been a pleasure.

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