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  • tonoos tonoos Sep 6, 2013 6:12 AM Flag


    Don't miss my post to you! I'd love to see "MO" of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Did not see the post .. but was a heart breaking loss.. Girardi overmanaged .. never should have brought him in 4 days in a row ,, should have left Robinson in ... ... MO was the best reliever in baseball ....but as I said,, time has taken its toll ,,, glad he is retiring but he does not have the sure shot break bat strike out pitch anymore........don't pat yourself on back to hard it was a good win for you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but never should have come down to 1 strike in the ninth for Boston to some back

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      • Console thyselves with woulda shoulda couldas, the checked swing was a good call viewed from above. Fat lady not singing yet. My first post to you was a reply in the prior thread. Girardi wants Mo to unretire but Mo said that's nonsense. Uehara is the new greatest among many great ones. And here comes Buchholz! The steal of 3rd was a bad call when seen in ultra slow-mo, but Will was in a bad position, he needs a lot of work at 3rd. He should have learned these things in the minors,duh. I saw more empty seats than full ones last nite, you're ok but most Yank fans suck badly, spit on players' wives.

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