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  • storagelh storagelh Feb 28, 2014 9:48 AM Flag

    Been almost a year

    4 for 1 reverse split, and its just about where it started. If it ever ticks up, its usually for just and hour or so. Jan was the exception, but you saw where that ended up, new lows. qqq's up 50% in a year. No end in sight !

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    • interesting yesterday I watched PBS nightly business. they had one of these famous analysts on and they dared to put the question to them. we are seeing many stocks now trading at bubble valuations and your still pumping them. there no justyfing there prices but your still recommending this market. and they guy mutters not to worry were watching. the guy questioning just shook his head nothing has changed same old game. one day this new pyramid like all the old will come tumbling down. greed knows no bounderies

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      • I just called up my friend of many years. I just saw the bitcoin bk and I know his son wrote a program and made bitcoins. They saw the writing on the wall when the news report came out and brought attention to it. The guy threw out his harddrive with his bitcoin stash on it. They cashed in and made 280k. They also wrote a program (took over 3 yrs) to trade like the pros do. Like the commercial for the pan you set it in the morning and forget it and it trades itself. They start everyday with 25k and have been averaging 3k profit since implemintation 6 mos ago. But he states like every good scheme it has to end. We are at the stage were you need to generate more and more cash to keep they pyramid up. The feds won't be able to print it fast enough. They are not getting enough small players to take the reins over. We are getting maxed out on margin and the one percent want to book their profits and move on. The economy is very weak and a collapse would be dangerous we used most of our bullets on the last bubble. The next few months will be interesting. They pretty much are out and investing in real assets that you can quantify. Time will tell but this massive debt we've accumulated may come to haunt us very soon.

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