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  • Tough one. XTEX has built in growth, but WPZ is smaller and can grow fast, especially if WMB drops more assets into WPZ. I don't know what to say because I usually only buy GP's, so sorting the MLP's is more difficult, because the GP's attributes are usually the deciding factor, to the point that the GP of a less desireable MLP may be better than the GP of a better MLP....

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    • didnt mean to put you on the spot
      just have such large positions in cpno,etp,mmp,and mwe that i didnt want to add to those
      think ill wait a day or two but between the 2 im leaning towards wpz i feel wmb will drop more assets into wpz and will raise div.
      i held xtex for about 2years
      also like sgu but they are a longer wait to develop
      once again like your analysis
      i also have much oil investments which i have been holding for 3years along with natural gas
      making money on other guys misery doesnt make me happy but when given lemons make lemonade others could have purchased oil also but instead street in love with csco,intc,msft,pfe,ge,et al
      thxs for your info on gp.s tried to educate broker he just doesnt get it
      good investing
      thxs for candid educated response

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