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  • raine_kime raine_kime Oct 13, 2009 2:42 PM Flag

    Testing 8 Month Highs....

    We are testing 8 month highs today. 5.67 would be high since January when it was over 7. Meanwhile, XTXI is around 5.38 today. This may be one of those situations that has been talked about on here lately about selling one to buy the other until they price match again and this so on and so forth. It could also be possible that people sell off a little tomorrow for XTEX. Any opinions?

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    • Is it not possible the volume is down because there is no one selling their shares except day traders, in anticipation of the news release on the 6th???

    • I think some heavy buying might be in response to what many think will be an excellent earnings report on the 6th along with other news re: the dividend.

    • debes Oct 21, 2009 5:00 PM Flag

      wow , what a day.

      xtex held up well considering. xtxi dropped more but maybe just stops getting triggered.however it broke support, next stop is 6.36 after that it could go to 6 pretty quick.xtex has more support right now at 6.68 6.38 could hold up xtxi.

      good luck.

      long xtxi at 4.87

    • debes Oct 16, 2009 3:35 PM Flag

      that was almost the hardest 300.00 bucks i ever made lol

      go in xtxi at 6.34 it went to 6.47, i was expecting it to catch up to xtex (never did) but sat there at 6.34 for hours.sold at 6.40

      i see the two coming down now.

      it's going to take a while for xtex to get over 7.00/7.17 ...need an upgrade....

    • debes Oct 15, 2009 7:27 PM Flag

      i got out today at 6.24 , a little early.i was watching UNG tank and than come back hard, it's a weekly thing after the inventory reports but wanted to wait....

      i feel xtex should always be ahead of xtxi when things are calm. if news comes out xtxi will run faster. so xtex needs to go higher now for xtxi to go up more...i looked over the charts for a long time last month, i have a long position in the low 4's in xtxi, which will also go down slower but in the end ...end up with a lower price.

      i was in PQ , got out 2 days hit a wall. today it was downgraded to i was glad i got out but it bounced back pretty good today.


    • RK

      What do we do once they are at the same price? Should we sell everything and wait for one to lag (or pull back) and buy that one or should we go equal weight again. Of course, we would get burned on a big pullback if we are holding too much of both.

      If XTXI catches XTEX, I am thinking of only holding half of normal position and hold something like 4000 of XTEX and 2000 of XTXI so that I can double down on one pulling back or load up more on the one lagging.

    • It's starting to price match. If it doesn't finish today, it will tomorrow hopefully.

    • Still no matching today. I still think at some point, since there is no dividend for awhile yet, they will have to price match again. When that will be is anyone's guess. Still, so far another nice day up for both.

    • As XTEX jumped up, I have become much more weighted on XTXI. I expect them to cross paths again - just a matter of time.

      Did anyone notice someone buying XTEX at 6.25? Once the orders got filled the stock dropped quickly, but recovered some. Wonder what will happen tomorrow.

      Volume still seems to be heavier with XTEX based on recent trading. As the volume moves back to XTXI, we shall see that price gap close.

    • debes Oct 14, 2009 8:20 PM Flag

      i hesitated because of CHK going down but saw good volume and that big gap so I had to get in.

      in AH xtxi has caught up some more...

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