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    • Living in Houston, the people here cannot even drive in the rain without freaking out and poohing their pants on the freeway. A few snowflakes start to fall and people exit work and start heading home jamming up the roads.

      I spent my working years with DoD in MD and we had blizzards every few years of up to six foot deep. Everybody owned front wheel drive cars, but the state along with VA received money from the DoD to keep the roads open in winter and the rule was either after the last snowflake hit the ground or at 0400 plow trucks hit the Interstates first, state highways second, and county and city roads third (but they had a huge fleet of trucks to get this accomplished). After the plow truck came the trucks loaded with a mixture of glycol and salt which went on the road. Even on a heavy overcast day, when the first UV ray hit that stuff the blacktops turned white and you could drive a 100 mph on I-70, if you were willing to risk a major fine in MD because they would tag you for driving four mph over the speed limit.

      Bottom line. Take all the Houstonians and let them live on the East Coast for a couple of winters and get some driving sanity in adverse weather conditions. over.